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Skylight shading 2195 Electric operated system -parts

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Product Information
Electrically operated system for domestic or contract use
Pleasing Roman blind effect with Silent Gliss technical or decorative fabrics or customers' own material
Blinds can be single, double or triple operation from one motor to correspond to window bays
Horizontal, sloping, bent and arched applications
Can be operated via fixed switch or radio remote control
Side guide profile standard colours: silver, white, bronze, gold and black
Can be operated by fixed switch or combined with Radio Remote Control System Silent Gliss 9940/0450

Product Code: 9917 (0546)
Ex Tax:£36.46
Product Code: 0578
Pattress box..
Product Code: 2111
Hexagonal bar by the metre up to 6 metre lengths For 6 metre lengths please see part 2111-600..
Ex Tax:£20.26
Product Code: 2111-600
Hexagonal bar (6 metre length only)..
Ex Tax:£110.71
Product Code: 2131
From  £2.66
Ex Tax:£2.22
Product Code: 2138 (3066A)
Product code changed from 3066A to 2138 (January 2018)...
Ex Tax:£49.86
Product Code: 2139 (3066B)
Product code changed from 3066B to 2139 (January 2018)...
Ex Tax:£50.28
Product Code: 2145
Glider, wide channel for side rails (each) Pin diameter at end is 10mm if yours is 6mm you require p..
Ex Tax:£1.63
Product Code: 2151
Requires 2 profile lenghts to make up the box section.Profile in silver (up to 6 meter lengths)..
Ex Tax:£141.24
Product Code: 2156
Drive shaft (Max lengths 6 metres) (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£16.60
Product Code: 2160
Ex Tax:£1,325.31
Product Code: 2188
Glider for side rails (Small) Pin diameter at end is 6mm if yours is 10mm you require part 2145..
Ex Tax:£1.50
Product Code: 2191-S
Ex Tax:£29.81
Product Code: 2192
Ex Tax:£15.40
Product Code: 2193/2194
Belt return set, Off white NOTE: The cog wheel in this part is smooth and is not a driving cog. ..
Ex Tax:£15.40
Product Code: 2230
Ex Tax:£32.33
Product Code: 2242
Ex Tax:£41.25
Product Code: 2245
Ex Tax:£11.76
Product Code: 2248
Cross rod (6 metere lengths only)..
Ex Tax:£105.87
Product Code: 2510
Velcro insert rail (up to 3 metre lengths) price per metre..


Product Code: 2539
From  £73.64
Ex Tax:£61.37
Product Code: 2613
Ex Tax:£18.11
Product Code: 2759
Ex Tax:£41.48
Product Code: 3004
From  £2.30
Ex Tax:£1.92
Product Code: 3065A
L' bracket A, with 1 rivetted clamp..
Ex Tax:£10.46
Product Code: 3065B
L' bracket A, with 2 rivetted clamps..
Product Code: 3181
Ex Tax:£10.48
Product Code: 3603
From  £2.56
Ex Tax:£2.13
Product Code: 3603OT
Top fix bracket (Standard) in white only Old Style..
From  £2.56
Ex Tax:£2.13
Product Code: 3606
From  £1.80
Ex Tax:£1.50
Product Code: 3825
From  £3.43
Ex Tax:£2.86
Product Code: 3832
Twist clamp..
Ex Tax:£3.12
Product Code: 5002R
Ex Tax:£14.69
Product Code: 5003-L
Straight Overlap arm Left with Velcro..
Ex Tax:£12.72
Product Code: 5003-R
Srtraight Overlap arm Right with Velcro..
Ex Tax:£12.72
Product Code: 5004L
Ex Tax:£14.69
Product Code: 5005
Master carrier..
Ex Tax:£3.22
Product Code: 5110
Ex Tax:£4.50
Product Code: 5115
Ex Tax:£26.40
Product Code: 5120
Master carrier..
Ex Tax:£5.68
Product Code: 5127
Ex Tax:£5.38
Product Code: 5130
If you are purchasing this for an Autoglide system, please make sure you do not have as system that ..
Ex Tax:£14.72
Product Code: 5130-100
If you are purchasing this for an Autoglide system, please make sure you do not have as system that ..
Ex Tax:£1,472.00
Product Code: 5736
Ex Tax:£178.07
Product Code: 5741
Klick Plug, white..
Ex Tax:£23.45
Klick Plug (Second Hand) Klick Plug (Second Hand)
-42 %
Product Code: 5741
£16.31 £27.90
Ex Tax:£13.59
Product Code: 5742
Klick Socket, white..
Ex Tax:£34.96
Product Code: 6086
From  £2.76
Ex Tax:£2.30
Product Code: 6146
From  £0.44
Ex Tax:£0.37
Product Code: 6321
Glider for Kilt System..
Ex Tax:£0.80
Product Code: 6322
Cord for Kilt System..
Product Code: 9068
Receiver Receiver 868MHz, 230V Function: 1-Channel (flush mount) The receiver can be used to ..
Ex Tax:£469.65
Product Code: 9916 (0766)
Product code changed from 0766 to 9916 (January 2018). This part is made up from parts 0544 and 0..
Ex Tax:£77.02
Product Code: 9945
Receiver Receiver Combio RM 868MHz, 230V Function: 1-channel The receiver can operate one mot..
Ex Tax:£325.61
Product Code: 9952
Hard wired Timer swtich. Mains powered. NOTE: This product can not be used with motors thet ha..
Product Code: 9953 (0570)
Product code changed from 0570 to 9953 (January 2018)...
Ex Tax:£231.02
Product Code: 9959
Ex Tax:£178.07
Product Code: 9960
Please contact us for further information...
From  £1,426.42
Ex Tax:£1,188.68
Product Code: 9961
Ex Tax:£434.87
Product Code: 10300
Function: 1-Channel The hand-held transmitter can operate one receiver or one group of receiver..
Ex Tax:£264.74
Product Code: 10302
Hand-held transmitter 868MHz Function: 5+1 channel The hand-held transmitter can operate up to f..
Ex Tax:£264.74
Product Code: 10303
Hand-held transmitter 868MHz Function: 10+2+1 channel The hand-held transmitter can operate up..
Ex Tax:£322.67
Product Code: 10804
Ex Tax:£322.66
Product Code: 11480
Wall switch 868MHz..
Ex Tax:£135.92
Product Code: 11490
Wall switch 868MHz..
Ex Tax:£249.31
Product Code: 20336 (0336)
Ex Tax:£215.49
Product Code: 20913 (0913)
This new design without visible screws is more aesthetically pleasing, however it is important to be..
Ex Tax:£291.90
Product Code: 20914 (0914)
 This new design without visible screws is more aesthetically pleasing, however it is important..
Ex Tax:£291.90
Product Code: 20917 (0917)
Ex Tax:£24.65
Product Code: 20919 (0919)
NOTE If your module has a P on it then you will need to order an 0919P. The P stand s for pulse mode..
Ex Tax:£352.53
Product Code: 20919-P (0919-P)
NOTE This is not a standard module but a pulse mode used with a Vertical Blind or 8800 sky..
Ex Tax:£352.53
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