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Roman Blind 2010 Discontinued system - Parts

This system is discontinued 

Product Information
Suitable for light and medium weight curtains.
A unique suspension system attached to the fabric of the Roman blind, leaving the blind to hang freely from any new or existing curtain pole
Patented cord lock enables movement to blind up and down vertically - no need to lock-off by pulling cord forwards or backwards
Fabric can be easily removed from headrail for washing/maintenance
2010 is available as Metropole Roman where Metropole curtain pole, decorative finials/midials plus fabric from our own fabric ranges are provided made-to-measure
Customers can also choose to supply their own curtain pole for Silent Gliss to make up Roman blinds from our own fabric ranges
Three heading styles of Roman blind are available; tab-top, flat or rings
Left or right hand operation
Wall or ceiling fix

Downloadable Files:
Product Code: 0680
Split ring, brass for system 2010 (Pack of 10)..


Product Code: 0690


Product Code: 2091
Endcover (each)..
Ex Tax:£1.19
Product Code: 2091-10
Endcover (each)..
Ex Tax:£11.07
Product Code: 2131
Short end-cover..
Ex Tax:£1.95
Product Code: 2131-10
Short end-cover..
Ex Tax:£17.39
Product Code: 2135
Diameter 3mm..
Ex Tax:£3.00
Product Code: 2136-100
Tubular tape, sold in 100 metre rolls only (Price per 100 metre roll)..
Ex Tax:£195.01
Product Code: 2144
Ex Tax:£57.44
Product Code: 2261

Please see part 2101

Product Code: 2265
Cord lock system..
Ex Tax:£14.48
Product Code: 3016
Ex Tax:£0.51
Product Code: 3016-10
Ex Tax:£4.88
Product Code: 3016-50
Ex Tax:£22.21
Product Code: 3016-100
Ex Tax:£38.63
Product Code: 3040


Product Code: 3055

This has been replaced by Part 3164

Product Code: 3311
Cord (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£0.94
Product Code: 3637A
Cord (500 metre roll) 1.5mm diameter ..
Ex Tax:£330.70
Product Code: 3637
Cord (100m rolls only) 1.5mm diameter ..
Ex Tax:£73.47
Product Code: 6057
Hook (for 2010 system) (Each)..
Ex Tax:£0.48
Product Code: 6057-10
Hook (for 2010 system) (price per 10)..
Ex Tax:£4.78
Product Code: 11295 (6007) (6013)
Endstop, silver, black or white (Each)..
Ex Tax:£0.72
Product Code: 11295-10 (6007) (6013)
Endstop, silver, black or white  (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£6.93
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