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Skylight shading 8800 Electric operated Panel fold system - Parts

Courier delivery time delays. 30th July 2021

Due to the problems with people isolating we have been advised by all carriers they cannot guarantee their delivery times until further notice.
This is affecting orders with rails.General parts that are sent by Royal Mail do not seem to be affected at this time.
Please bear this in mind when ordering, orders with rails are taking 1 to 3 
days to get delivered sometimes longer.
There are also problems with the tracking information due to staffing issue at the carriers.

This is affecting all suppliers and carriers at this time.

If you need to conatct us, please email us at

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This system has been discontinued by Silent Gliss. January 2017.

  Product Information
A unique and technically advanced heavy duty glass roof shading system
Panel tilting and retracting technique
Suitable for applications up to 30° from horizontal
Vertical positions of panels limits soiling and heat build up
Specially defined fabrics available
The system components are made from flame retardant and UV-resistant material
Can be combined with Radio Remote Control System Silent Gliss 9940/0450

Product Code: 0578
Pattress box..
Product Code: 1003-CH
Profile in Chrome (up to 4 metre lengths), price per metre..
Ex Tax:£33.25
Product Code: 1003-BCG
Profile (up to 6 metre lengths), price per metre..
Ex Tax:£33.25
Product Code: 2151s
Profile in silver (up to 6 meter lengths)..
Ex Tax:£123.95
Product Code: 2242
Ex Tax:£36.19
Product Code: 3014
End cover (22.4mm)..
Product Code: 5741
Klick Plug, white..
Ex Tax:£20.58
Klick Plug (Second Hand) Klick Plug (Second Hand)
-42 %
Product Code: 5741
£14.32 £24.48
Ex Tax:£11.93
Product Code: 8801
8801 Rail (per metre)..
Product Code: 8834
Product Code: 8837
Panel guide..
Product Code: 8840
Tensioner comb..
Product Code: 8855
Intermediate support bracket..
Product Code: 8861
Distance Plate..
Product Code: 9009
Motor Torque: 10Nm / 12Nm / 10Nm Voltage: 100V / 120V / 230V Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz / 50Hz P..
Product Code: 9916 (0766)
Product code changed from 0766 to 9916 (January 2018). This part is made up from parts 0544 and 0..
Ex Tax:£67.59
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