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Skylight shading 8800 Electric operated Panel fold system - Parts

This system has been discontinued by Silent Gliss. January 2017.

  Product Information
A unique and technically advanced heavy duty glass roof shading system
Panel tilting and retracting technique
Suitable for applications up to 30° from horizontal
Vertical positions of panels limits soiling and heat build up
Specially defined fabrics available
The system components are made from flame retardant and UV-resistant material
Can be combined with Radio Remote Control System Silent Gliss 9940/0450

Product Code: 1003-CH
Profile in Chrome (up to 4 metre lengths), price per metre..
Ex Tax:£32.60
Product Code: 1003-BCG
Profile (up to 6 metre lengths), price per metre..
Ex Tax:£32.60
Product Code: 2151s
Profile in silver (up to 6 meter lengths)..
Ex Tax:£121.52
Product Code: 2242
Ex Tax:£35.48
Product Code: 3014
End cover (22.4mm)..
Klick Plug (Second Hand) Klick Plug (Second Hand)
-42 %
Product Code: 5741
£14.04 £24.00
Ex Tax:£11.70
Product Code: 5741
Klick Plug, white..
Ex Tax:£20.18
Product Code: 8855
Intermediate support bracket..
Product Code: 9009
Motor Torque: 10Nm / 12Nm / 10Nm Voltage: 100V / 120V / 230V Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz / 50Hz P..
Product Code: 9916 (0766)
Product code changed from 0766 to 9916 (January 2018). This part is made up from parts 0544 and 0..
Ex Tax:£66.26
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