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Cubical Safety Track 6650 system - parts

Product Information
The 6650 Safety Device System has been designed for specific use in high risk areas to reduce the opportunity for self-harm. The precision-engineered pull-out ensures that the device will remain in place during normal everyday use
The 6650 has been developed to work exclusively with Silent Gliss 6101 Cubicle Track and is complete with single hangers, V-hanger for lateral stability, wall supports and wall bracket systems (patent pending), thereby covering the vast majority of layouts as well as for fast and simple retrofitting of existing layouts
Neat, strong system designed around the proven existing 6101 track
Single hanger incorporates a friction-based joint (patent pending) which will progressively separate within a stated maximum load
Designed with maximum protection from wear and tear to minimise inspection and future replacement
Separation of single hanger is at track level for easy replacement
Progressive separation of the 6651 acts as a warning and reduces incidences of separation through over heavy handling of curtains, etc
The inclusion of the friction-based joint also in the V-hanger for lateral stability means that a safe environment is achievable without compromising layout design. The V-hanger has been specifically designed to separate under the same maximum load as the single hanger 6651
The unique wall support (patent pending) is designed to take lateral and vertical downward pressure without causing damage to the support
The wall brackets allow bed returns, etc., to be included in the design to meet layout specifications
A detachable connecting bridge reduces the risk of the domino effect where one collapsing cubicle brings down attached systems
Can be bent. (with special tools only)

Any parts that are exclusively used for the safety track system or complete 6650 systems can only be supplied to anyone that has been specifically trained by Silent Gliss or Silent Gliss agent and must product the certificate to us. We will then be able to price for compete systems or parts that have ‘contact us’ against them with no prices show.

This only applies to this system.

Product Code: 6101
From  £52.08
Ex Tax:£43.40
Product Code: 6110
NOTE: This product is only made in white..
From  £4.82
Ex Tax:£4.02
Product Code: 6147 (6143-6146)
Glider with hook (parts 6143 & 6146)..
From  £10.16
Ex Tax:£8.47
Product Code: 6191
Available up to 5 metre lengths..
From  £23.38
Ex Tax:£19.48
Product Code: 6192B
Ceiling support, 100mm complete with stud 6193 and 2 grub screws...
From  £48.82
Ex Tax:£40.68
Product Code: 6193
Ex Tax:£3.90
Product Code: 6519
hanger rod (Upto 5 metre lengths)  ..
Ex Tax:£13.80
Product Code: 6611
From  £9.30
Ex Tax:£7.75
Product Code: 6628
V-hanger track insert..
Ex Tax:£28.26
Product Code: 6651
Complete with safety device 6675 up to 600mm drop For longer lenghts please contact us ..
Ex Tax:£90.80
Product Code: 6655
Wall Support set (6656, 6657)..
Ex Tax:£40.75
Product Code: 6656
Wall Support Can only be purchased as complete Wall Support 6655..
Product Code: 6657
Rail Insert Can only be purchased as complete Wall Support 6655..
Product Code: 6658
These are custom made to exact drops This is from ceing to top of rail  The Price is for a d..
Product Code: 6663
Wall brackets connector plate complete..
Ex Tax:£49.27
Product Code: 6666
Safety connecting bridge..
Ex Tax:£62.86
Product Code: 6668
Wall support combination..
Ex Tax:£124.69
Product Code: 6669 (0715)
Product code changed from 0715 to 6669 (January 2018)...
Ex Tax:£7.40
Product Code: 6671
Washer insert for countersunk screw..
Ex Tax:£2.46
Product Code: 6672
Cover for 6671..
Ex Tax:£3.10
Product Code: 6675
Safety Device..
Ex Tax:£51.48
Product Code: 6677
V-Hanger safety device..
Ex Tax:£78.92
Product Code: 6679 (0785)
Product code changed from 0785 to 6679 (January 2018). Acrylic disc for use with 6655..
Ex Tax:£9.57
Product Code: 11295 (6007) (6013)
From  £1.06
Ex Tax:£0.88
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