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Roller Blind 4830 Chain operated (55mm diameter roller) system (Discontinued April 2019) - parts

For 4830 Complete systems "CLICK HERE"

This system has been replaced by the 4930 system in April 2019 "CLICK HERE"

Product Information
Medium/medium-heavy duty chain operated roller blind system, ideal for contract applications
Thanks to the unique planetary gear, the operation is smooth and light and the blind stops instantly with no slippage
The system can be used as single or as a side by side (linked) system with one chain, using a connection snap-in bracket for easy fitting from below
The system (single) can be used up to a maximum width of 3.30 m, a maximum drop of 4 m or a maximum surface of 10 sqm
As connected system, the maximum dimensions are for the width 6.60 m, the drop 4 m and the maximum surface the same as for the single system, 10 sqm
The maximum load should not exceed for both, single as well as connected (side by side) systems, a maximum weight of 7 kg
Wall, ceiling or recess fitting. Special features like adjustable stainless steel brackes for easy vertical adjustment of fabric or pre-fitted hook-in stainless steel plates, which take the weight of the blind whilst the fitters carry out final positioning offer new comfort and precision to the fitting
Over-roll protection stop and bracket covers round-up the elegant and finished design of this extraordinary blind system
Supplied ready assembled, made-to-measure with fabric. Large and attractive fabric offer
Double system option allows two blinds to be mounted in parallel on the same set of brackets - ideal when sheer and dim-out shading is required at same window

Downloadable Files:
Product Code: 0661
Side Guide wire (per metre) NYLON..
Ex Tax:£1.24
Product Code: 3036 (3065)
Product code changed from 3035 to 3066 (January 2018)...
Ex Tax:£9.88
Product Code: 3133
Plastic bracket cover for brackets 3134, 3135, 3136, 3134/2, 3135/2, 3136/2...
Ex Tax:£2.96
Product Code: 3134
NOTE: All L shaped brackets are being discontinued in 2018 and are being replaced by a range of..
Ex Tax:£4.19
Product Code: 3186
Cassette Plate  ..
Product Code: 3187
Cassette Cover..
Product Code: 4223
Plastic strip with adhesive 12mm (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£3.81
Product Code: 4224
Please see part 4223..

Please see part 4223

Product Code: 4226
Standard adhesive tape, 30mm (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£6.25
Product Code: 4701
Profile roller (price per metre)..
Product Code: 4702
Up top 6 metre lengths..
Product Code: 4703
Gear Adaptor..
Ex Tax:£8.75
Product Code: 4705
Adaptor 55mm..
Ex Tax:£7.99
Product Code: 4706
Chain Gear  6:1..
Ex Tax:£120.43
Product Code: 4707
Bracket (100mm)..
Ex Tax:£12.48
Product Code: 4708
Connection bracket double system (100mm wall fixing)..
Ex Tax:£12.48
Product Code: 4709
Connection bracket double system (100mm ceiling fixing)..
Ex Tax:£12.48
Product Code: 4712
Bracket cover (102.5mm)..
Product Code: 4713
Top bracket cover..
Ex Tax:£7.78
Product Code: 4714


Product Code: 4715
Ex Tax:£19.61
Product Code: 4733
Product Code: 4734
Hook in plate..
Ex Tax:£11.47
Product Code: 4735
Holder (fascia)..
Product Code: 4736
Cover left (fascia) for 4702..
Product Code: 4738
Cover right (fascia)..
Product Code: 4739
Lip Seal (fascia) for 4702..
Product Code: 4744
Connection bracket cover..
Product Code: 4748
Ex Tax:£3.67
Product Code: 4749
Product Code: 4830BS
Comes complete with 0701 M5X60 x 1 0702 M4X10 x 2 0754 M5X8 Pan screws x 8 0757 M4X8 screw..
Ex Tax:£135.41
Product Code: 4845
Metal bead chain, Chrome (price per metre) (See part 4845BZ for brass)..
Ex Tax:£5.19
Product Code: 4903
Bottom bar (price per metre)..
Product Code: 4939
Ex Tax:£4.75
Product Code: 4944
Ex Tax:£5.25
Product Code: 4948
Ex Tax:£1.63
Product Code: 4969
Double Bracket..
Product Code: 4971
Double Bracket..
Product Code: 8235
Ex Tax:£3.76
Product Code: 8236
Ex Tax:£2.96
Product Code: 8237
Ex Tax:£2.48
Product Code: 10731 (10400) (0998)
Safety Cord Retainer (Was part no 0998)..
Ex Tax:£1.24
Product Code: 21601
Rear Cassette Cover (Per Metre)..
Product Code: 21611
Front Cassette Cover (Per Metre)..
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