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Cord Operated 6370 system - Parts

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Product Information
Discreet heavy-duty track system with twin channel for infinite overlap
Cost effective system for small stages, very heavy contract and domestic use etc
Heavy curtains up to 70kg, and width up to 15m
Simple direct fixing, ceiling fix preferred. Drilled at approximately 500mm centres
Profile available in 4, 5 and 6 metre lengths
Satin silver finish as standard
Standard cord drop 100cm
Can be bent (with special bending tools only)

Product Code: 6371
Profile in Silver. (up to 6 metre lengths) price per metre..
Ex Tax:£40.59
Product Code: 3239
Extension bracket, silver or white NOTE: If you are intending on using this bracket with a 6369 ..
Ex Tax:£17.78
Product Code: 3799


Product Code: 6070
Cord (for 6200/6370 systems)..
Ex Tax:£6.07
Product Code: 6079
Overlap Arm (for 6200 system)..
Ex Tax:£39.74
Product Code: 6086
Spring stop (Each)..
Ex Tax:£2.17
Product Code: 6086-10
Spring stop(Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£20.40
Product Code: 6086-100
Spring stop (Pack of 100..
Ex Tax:£185.30
Product Code: 6094
Roller glider with hook (Each)..
Ex Tax:£4.30
Roller glider with eye (Each) (Second Hand) Roller glider with eye (Each) (Second Hand)
-38 %
Product Code: 6098-SH
Roller glider with eye (Each)..
£2.70 £4.37
Ex Tax:£2.25
Product Code: 6098
Roller glider with eye (Each)..
Ex Tax:£3.64
Product Code: 6098-10
Roller glider with eye (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£30.16
Product Code: 6098-PS
NOTE: We only keep a small amount of stock up to 100 at any one time. If we don't have enough to sup..
Ex Tax:£4.10
Product Code: 6098-100
Roller glider with eye (Pack of 100)..
Ex Tax:£286.08
Product Code: 6214
Adjustable pilot..
Ex Tax:£12.75
Product Code: 6227
Master runner..
Ex Tax:£12.75
Product Code: 6369
Ex Tax:£5.49
Product Code: 6376
Connecting bridge..
Ex Tax:£18.29
Product Code: 6377
Endpiece set, grey Pair..
Ex Tax:£43.96
Product Code: 6575
Cord tensioner..


Product Code: 6578
Floor plate..
Ex Tax:£191.33
Product Code: 10731 (10400) (0998)
Safety Cord Retainer (Was part no 0998)..
Ex Tax:£1.24
Product Code: 11295 (6007) (6013)
Endstop, silver, black or white (Each)..
Ex Tax:£0.78
Product Code: 11295-10 (6007) (6013)
Endstop, silver, black or white  (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£7.44
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