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Hand Operated 1225 system - Parts

For 1225 Complete systems "CLICK HERE"

This system has been discontinued by Silent Gliss January 2017

Product Information
Robust ceiling fix hand operated curtain track for medium weight curtains in contract applications.
Ideal and widely used for hotels, schools, hospitals, etc.
Outstanding gliding properties as glider moves on profile edge, minimising friction.
The quick-clip gliders 3933 can be easily added or removed without taking track down or apart.
Discreet direct to ceiling fixing to all surfaces. Profile is pre-drilled every 300mm.
Standard colour: white powder coated up to 6mtr.

Downloadable Files:
Product Code: 3582-25
Ex Tax:£4.17
Product Code: 3582-100
Ex Tax:£11.84
Product Code: 3582-1000
Ex Tax:£110.75
Product Code: 3933-10
Click Gliders in strip form (Pack of 10) NOTE: For Roller Gliders. see Part 3922..
Ex Tax:£4.21
Product Code: 3933-20
Click Gliders in strip form (Strips of 20) NOTE: For Roller Gliders. Please see part 3922..
Ex Tax:£7.87
Product Code: 3933-1000
NOTE: For Roller Gliders. see Part 3922..
Ex Tax:£331.93
Product Code: 3942
Ex Tax:£3.77
Product Code: 3942-10
Ex Tax:£36.65
Product Code: 3947
Pair of magnetic gliders (Price per pair) (3945, 3946)..
Ex Tax:£12.82
Product Code: 3984
Ex Tax:£3.84
Product Code: 10430AL
Aluminuim draw rod 50cm..
Ex Tax:£10.56
Product Code: 10430W
White draw rod 50cm..
Ex Tax:£11.45
Product Code: 10431W
White draw rod 75cm..
Ex Tax:£13.71
Product Code: 10431AL
Aluminuim draw rod 75cm..
Ex Tax:£12.29
Product Code: 10432W
White draw rod 100cm..
Ex Tax:£15.66
Product Code: 10432AL
Aluminuim draw rod 100cm..
Ex Tax:£13.92
Product Code: 10433W
White draw rod 125cm..
Ex Tax:£17.18
Product Code: 10433AL
Aluminuim draw rod 125cm..
Ex Tax:£15.17
Product Code: 10434W
White draw rod 150cm..
Ex Tax:£18.55
Product Code: 10434AL
Aluminuim draw rod 150cm..
Ex Tax:£16.29
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