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Venetian Blind 8000 (15mm & 25mm) Discontinued system -parts

This system is discontinued.

Product Information
The best brains in the industry have got together to produce what it has always wanted -a neat, foolproof mono control Venetian blind capable of covering medium to large windows
The compact and extremely efficient mono-control mechanism is located at the very end of the headrail (right or left); no ugly protrusions or unsightly gaps
One single cord raises, lowers and tilts the slats avoiding the confusion, tangling of cords and system breakdown associated with dual control systems
Unique automatic braking system if blind encounters an obstacle when descending -e.g. obstruction on window ledge. This prevents unsightly angling of blinds and eventual system breakdown
The discreet small headrail is made from aluminium and incorporates a flange on the lower back edge of the profile to prevent light ingress
Excellent choice of slat colours; slats 15mm or 25mm. Perforated version available in selected 25mm slats
Ingenious and simple to use snap fixing bracket permits easy ceiling, wall or recess fixing and removal
Supplied made to measure

Product Code: 3133
Plastic bracket cover for brackets 3134, 3135, 3136, 3134/2, 3135/2, 3136/2...
Ex Tax:£3.33
Product Code: 3134
NOTE: All L shaped brackets have been replaced by Smart Fix Brackets.   ..
Ex Tax:£4.71
Product Code: 3135
NOTE: All L shaped brackets have been replaced by Smart Fix Brackets.     ..
Ex Tax:£5.41
Product Code: 8001
Headrail (per metre)..


Product Code: 8002
Capping Section per metre..


Product Code: 8003
Bottom bar (16mm) (up to 5 metre lengths) price per metre..
Ex Tax:£51.60
Product Code: 8004
Bottom bar (24mm) price per metre (up to 5 metre lengths)..
Ex Tax:£53.36
Product Code: 8005
Snap bracket..
Product Code: 8012
Bottom bar clip (15/16mm) (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£7.18
Product Code: 8013
Bottom bar clip (25mm)..
Ex Tax:£16.14
Product Code: 8014
Bottom bar endcover (16mm) (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£3.60
Product Code: 8015
Bottom bar endcover (25mm)..
Product Code: 8016
Slat Clamp 16mm..
Product Code: 8017
Slat Clip 25mm..
Product Code: 8018
Cord Drum set with stop 16mm..
Product Code: 8019
Cord Drum set without stop 16mm SHORT..
Product Code: 8020
Cord Drum set with stop 25mm SHORT..
Product Code: 8021
Cord Drum set with stop 25mm LONG..
Product Code: 8022
Cord Drum set without stop 25mm LONG..
Product Code: 8023
Tilter 16mm..
Product Code: 8024
Tilter 25mm..
Product Code: 8026
Pulley Case Left..
Product Code: 8027
Pulley endcover, left..
Ex Tax:£3.00
Product Code: 8028
Pulley Case Right..
Product Code: 8029
Pulley endcover, right..
Ex Tax:£3.00
Product Code: 8030
Product Code: 8031
Cord pulley..
Ex Tax:£5.38
Product Code: 8032
Guide Cap Set..
Product Code: 8033
Headrail endcap..
Ex Tax:£5.59
Product Code: 8035
Lift Cord Protector..
Product Code: 8205


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