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Vertical Blind 2900 Crank operated system - parts

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Product Information
Mono-control crank operation, purpose designed for curved and sloping installations
A unique belt operation that can be bent to a tight radius
The robust detachable operating handle is used to open, close and tilt the louvres
Systems up to 6m in length
Can be safely used with heavy louvres such as PVC and aluminium
Easy snapping on and off of louvres
Single, multiple or unequal stacks possible
Can also be used for sloping windows
Ceiling fix recommended but can be wall fixed with extension brackets
Headrail available in silver or white as standard
Made to measure
Vertical Waves option available


Product Code: 2182
Ex Tax:£15.70
Product Code: 2471
Ex Tax:£1.22
Product Code: 2473
Ex Tax:£0.97
Product Code: 2479
Link chain 5"/127mm, white plastic (per metre)(minium 2 metres) 8 links per metre approx an..
Ex Tax:£1.14
Product Code: 2481
Link chain 3 1/2"/89mm, white plasitc (per metre)(minium 2 metres) 12 Links per metre ..
Ex Tax:£1.14
Product Code: 2605-10
Top clip 127mm. (sold in 10 only) NOTE: These clips will only fit SilentGliss headrails. IF you ..
Ex Tax:£4.75
Product Code: 2605-100
Top clip 127mm. (Pack Quantity 50) NOTE: These clips will only fit SilentGliss headrails. IF y..
Ex Tax:£41.33
Product Code: 2671 (0686)
Product code changed from 0686 to 2671 (January 2018). Bottom weight 89mm/3 1/3" without horns..
Ex Tax:£13.08
Product Code: 2672 (0687)
Product code changed from 0687 to 2672 (January 2018). Bottom weight 127mm/5" without horns..
Ex Tax:£10.20
Product Code: 2746
Detachable crank handle 150cm (Please contact us if you require longer lengths) NOTE: 150cm is l..
Ex Tax:£99.01
Product Code: 2754
Ex Tax:£20.76
Product Code: 2755
Universal joint for crank 2746..
Ex Tax:£27.75
Product Code: 2775
Ex Tax:£7.32
Product Code: 2776
Ex Tax:£8.30
Product Code: 2793
Ex Tax:£5.97
Product Code: 2813
Top clip 89mm. Each) NOTE: These clips will only fit SilentGliss headrails. IF you rail is not ..
Ex Tax:£0.47
Product Code: 2824
Product Code: 2849


Product Code: 2901w
Profile in White, (up to 6 metre lengths) per metre..
Ex Tax:£63.64
Product Code: 2901s
Profile in Silver, (up to 6 metre lengths) per metre..
Ex Tax:£44.88
Product Code: 2908
Spacer (90mm)..
Product Code: 2912
Drive belt (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£40.32
Product Code: 2916
Ex Tax:£5.44
Product Code: 2918
Rotation elements 89mm..
Ex Tax:£5.44
Product Code: 2920 (2921-2922)
Endpiece set, Parts 2921 Gear Drive, 2922 Guide return, Grey or white..
Ex Tax:£50.84
Product Code: 2922
NOTE: This part is only availabe as part of a set..
Product Code: 2925
Ex Tax:£5.08
Product Code: 2927
Ex Tax:£10.84
Product Code: 2932
Recess Profile per metre..
Ex Tax:£129.03
Product Code: 2937
Ex Tax:£1.59
Product Code: 2948
Recess Profile per metre..
Product Code: 3033
Ex Tax:£2.98
Product Code: 3033-10
Ex Tax:£26.84
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