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Dim-out 4540 Crank operated Roller Blind complete system - parts

UPDATE Wednesday 1st April 2020

We are still open and will be sending out parts we have in stock by Royal Mail.

Due to all of our main factory's having to be closed we can no longer supply any orders for complete systems or lengths of rails or blind systems until further notice.

Spare parts if we have them in stock which are most of the general track parts, we will dispatch by Royal Mail within one working day while stocks last. If you want to double check please email us at

We are still accepting orders for complete systems and all other Gliss products. When we able to start supplying again, orders will be supplied in date ordered, so if you don't mind waiting but want them as soon as possible you need to place your order ASAP otherwise you will be further down the list and the delay will be longer.

If you find you are unable to get through on our phone lines, please email us at

Phone lines open. Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm. Closed lunch time 1 -2pm  


Product Information
Technically advanced crank-operated blind incorporating over 20 years experience in dim-out blinds
Choice of two cassette headboxes depending on drop and thickness of fabric, ensuring smallest dimensions of system possible commensurate with efficient operation
Choice of three side profiles depending on installation requirements. Standard is double adjustable inside recess to allow for variations in width of framework or optional outside recess profile for blinds less than 210cm wide
For blinds over 210cm wide or where there is excessive air movement, heavy duty side profile 4516 using reinforced fabric is available
Fabrics are contained within the side profiles by rivets (or a crossbar in heavy duty situations) to prevent the fabric coming out
Black or white frame as standard; silver and colours are available to special quote. Plastic components are black or white in all cases
Choice of FR blackout fabrics
Detachable crank
Delivered ready-assembled made-to-measure
Can also be operated in inclined or horizontal positions up to 30° from vertical

Product Code: 0657
Counter Sunk Screw M4 x 20mm  Slotted..
Ex Tax:£0.20
Product Code: 0856
M4 Nylon Locking Nut..
Ex Tax:£0.20
Product Code: 4226
Standard adhesive tape, 30mm (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£5.70
Product Code: 4511
 Side Profile (used with 4512 profile)  (per Metre)..
Product Code: 4512
 Side Profile (used with 4511 profile)  (per Metre)..
Product Code: 4513
 Side Profile (used with 4514 profile)  (per Metre)..
Product Code: 4514
 Side Profile (used with 4513 profile)  (per Metre)..
Product Code: 4527
Plastic end bracket (for 4502)..
Ex Tax:£1.80
Product Code: 4531
Wall fix bracket..
Ex Tax:£6.13
Product Code: 4535
Left inside recess bracket (for 4502)..
Product Code: 4541
Ceiling fix bracket (for 4503)..
Ex Tax:£6.70
Product Code: 4571
Gear Box 4:1 Ratio (38mm)..
Ex Tax:£54.88
Product Code: 4589
Fabric Guide Carrier..
Ex Tax:£2.48
Product Code: 4599
Ex Tax:£6.45
Product Code: 4602
Shaft & Joint for 4540 Crank..
Ex Tax:£28.80
Product Code: 4602DM
Shaft & Joint DM for 4540 Crank..
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