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Venetian Blind 8100 (16mm) system -parts


Product Information
Venetian blind system for domestic or contract applications with 16mm aluminium slats
Small headrail which allows fitting in narrow window frames
Unique user-friendly control wand, combining tilt operation of slats with integrated cords for fast raising/lowering of the blind
Left or right hand operation with various wand lengths available
Available in 77 different slat colours
The system 8100 can be equipped with side-guide wires and can therefore be used for sloped applications up to 15° incline from vertical

Product Code: 0587
Ex Tax:£0.35
Product Code: 3133
Plastic bracket cover for brackets 3134, 3135, 3136, 3134/2, 3135/2, 3136/2...
Ex Tax:£3.33
Product Code: 3134
NOTE: All L shaped brackets have been replaced by Smart Fix Brackets.   ..
Ex Tax:£4.71
Product Code: 3135
NOTE: All L shaped brackets have been replaced by Smart Fix Brackets.     ..
Ex Tax:£5.41
Product Code: 6748
Product design changed. Please see part 6748-N..
Ex Tax:£0.53
Product Code: 8003
Bottom bar (16mm) (up to 5 metre lengths) price per metre..
Ex Tax:£51.60
Product Code: 8006
Slat (16mm)..
Product Code: 8017
Slat Clip 25mm..
Product Code: 8101
Profile (per metre)..
Product Code: 8128
Spacer (4 degree)..
Product Code: 8129
Spacer (10 degree)..
Product Code: 8149
Bracket (44mm)..
Product Code: 8235
Ex Tax:£4.64
Product Code: 8236
Ex Tax:£6.20
Product Code: 8237
Ex Tax:£6.31
Product Code: 8241
Product Code: 8249A
Ex Tax:£0.81
Product Code: 10120
Wire 0.9mm for Side Guide (per metre)  ..
Product Code: 10492 (6748)
From  £0.64
Ex Tax:£0.53
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