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Panel Glide Flex suspended 2760 system - parts

UPDATE Tuesday 26th May 2020

We are open as normal but there will be some delays on supply goods.

Goods which are most parts will be sent out by 1st post will generally be sent out same day if not next day.
Complete curtain track systems and lengths of rails will be dispatched within 5 working days or maybe quicker, once dispatched these should be delivered within 2 working days. The exception to this are the 6140M, 6150M, 6160M, 3970, 5600 colours, 6293, 6970 and all recess systems apart from 6243, all Blind systems, Panel Glide, which are currently only manufactured at Silent Gliss head office are taking 3 - 4 weeks approximate.

If you find you are unable to get through on our phone lines, please email us at

Phone lines open. Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm. Closed lunch time 1 -2pm  

For 2760 Complete systems "CLICK HERE"

Product Information
Innovative suspended Panel Glide system that can be curved
Ideal for rooms with uneven ceilings or where ventilation is needed
A truly unique system of three or more sliding panels
Flexible carriers allow smooth and silent operation
System adjusts to almost every possible room situation due to bendable tracks and flexible carriers
Hand or draw rod operated
Panels are easily removed for cleaning
Can be bent to a minimum radius of 15cm
Wide selection of Silent Gliss fabrics available for this system

Product Code: 10076
Fabric weight for side of curtain in white or S/Steel (10cm piece)..
Ex Tax:£8.88
Product Code: 10133
Profile 3 channel white only..
Ex Tax:£46.40
Product Code: 10134
Profile 4 channel white only..
Ex Tax:£63.23
Product Code: 10135
Profile 5 channel white only..
Ex Tax:£80.07
Product Code: 10156
End Stop (with Screw)..
Ex Tax:£3.19
Product Code: 10163
Cover (for 3 channel profile)..
Product Code: 10165
Cover (for 5 channel profile)..
Product Code: 10177
Connection Bridge..
Ex Tax:£5.87
Product Code: 10180
Flexible Carrier (per metre)..
Ex Tax:£42.44
Product Code: 10200
Ex Tax:£1.43
Product Code: 10233
Lead weight 100 gr/m (per meter)..
Product Code: 10237
Clip Holder with roller  ..
Product Code: 10243
Angle Left with roller..
Product Code: 10331
Console with right hand threads..
Product Code: 10332
Console with left hand threads..
Product Code: 10333
End Fix Bracket in white..
Ex Tax:£12.95
Product Code: 10334
End Fix Bracket in white..
Ex Tax:£12.95
Product Code: 10335
End Fix Bracket in white..
Ex Tax:£12.95
Product Code: 10349
Connector with right hand threads..
Product Code: 10350
Connector with left hand threads..
Product Code: 10357
V Hanger for 2760 system (Maximuin drop 150cm) in white..
Ex Tax:£142.38
Product Code: 10396
End cap for fascia..
Product Code: 10398
Magnetic tape for facia,  19mm..
Product Code: 10399
Design Facia in white..
Product Code: 10430AL
Aluminuim draw rod 50cm..
Ex Tax:£9.63
Product Code: 10431AL
Aluminuim draw rod 75cm..
Ex Tax:£11.21
Product Code: 10432AL
Aluminuim draw rod 100cm..
Ex Tax:£12.70
Product Code: 10433AL
Aluminuim draw rod 125cm..
Ex Tax:£13.83
Product Code: 10434AL
Aluminuim draw rod 150cm..
Ex Tax:£14.85
Product Code: 10356
Hanger rod complete for 2760 system (Maximuin drop 150cm) in white..
Ex Tax:£87.85
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