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8910 (50mm) Mono Controlled 50mm Wooden, Aluminium and Leather slat systems

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Product Information
Luxurious mono controlled 50mm Venetian blind system - one single cord permits raising, lowering and tilting of the slats.
Features unique 'continuous drop' action.
Available with real wood, aluminium or leather slats.
Matching slat is inserted into the headrail, preventing the need for a valance.
Wide and attractive slat colour choice.
Available with fabric tapes, excluding leather slats (extra cost).
Made to measure.
The wooden slats can be made flame retardant (extra costs).
Side-guide option available.

Product Code: 8235
Ex Tax:£4.64
Product Code: 8236
Ex Tax:£6.20
Product Code: 8237
Ex Tax:£6.31
Product Code: 8249A
Ex Tax:£0.81
Product Code: 8920
Ex Tax:£9.24
Product Code: 10120
Wire 0.9mm for Side Guide (per metre)  ..
Product Code: 10731 (10400) (0998)
Safety Cord Retainer (Was part no 0998)..
Ex Tax:£1.40
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