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Electric Operated 5080 Old Autoglide system and Swish Autoglide - Parts

Courier delivery time delays. 5th August 2021

Due to the problems with people isolating we have been advised by all carriers they cannot guarantee their delivery times until further notice.
This is affecting orders with rails.General parts that are sent by Royal Mail do not seem to be affected at this time.
Please bear this in mind when ordering, orders with rails are taking 1 to 3 
days to get delivered sometimes longer.
There are also problems with the tracking information due to staffing issue at the carriers.

This is affecting all suppliers and carriers at this time.

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This system is discontinued was superseded by the 5090 system. (July 2008)

Product Information
Purpose designed for light-medium weight domestic use only
Easy wall or ceiling fix
White only
No pre-wiring necessary
Non-stretch belt operation
Choice of operating methods - either fixed switch or via Dawn & Dusk sensor
Automatic end-of-travel stop. The fixed switch stops curtains at any point
Excellent security device when homes are unoccupied
Straight only
Cannot be cut down on site easily

Product Code: Clip
IR Transmitter (for 5090/5080 Autoglide and 0900 systems) NOTE: This part will also work with the..
Ex Tax:£2.55
Product Code: 0940
For Autoglide 5070 and 5080 systems only..


Product Code: 0940-SH
For Autoglide 5070 and 5080 systems only..
Ex Tax:£57.78
Product Code: 0945
This motor is  the same as the older Swish Motor with Part number K140 Timer Select ..


Product Code: 0946


Product Code: 0947
Sensor with 4 pin connector for use on 5080 Autoglide Timers with Light sensor port. NOTE: This p..
Ex Tax:£16.49
Product Code: 0963-SH
  3 pin for use with Autoglide Timer unit all versions  ..
Ex Tax:£15.30
Product Code: 0964-SH
Ex Tax:£3.21
Product Code: 0966
If your system is the 5090 with motor model number 10012 you require belt number 5130..


Product Code: 0967-SH
Ex Tax:£0.50
Product Code: 0970
This part will not fit the later 5090 Systems the part required for the 5090 systems with motor numb..
Ex Tax:£8.67
Product Code: 0971-SH
Left Hand Pulley Housing Body K120W/3  ..
Ex Tax:£2.86
Product Code: 0972-SH
Right Hand Pulley Housing Body K120W/4..
Ex Tax:£2.75
Product Code: 0975
 Pulley Housing Blanking..
Ex Tax:£1.63
Product Code: 0977
Stackback Stop K145Z Please order screw seperatly (see related products).  ..
Ex Tax:£0.85
Product Code: 0978
Stackback Screw 1/4" No4 Pan Cross Head    ..
Ex Tax:£0.19
Product Code: 0979-SH
Ex Tax:£3.60
Product Code: 0979-TF


Product Code: 0981-SH
Pulley wheel  ..
Ex Tax:£2.96
Product Code: 10004 (0976)
Locking Plate for 5090 Autoglide, also fits the older  5070 & 5080 Autoglide systems ..


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