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9940 Control systems (868mhz)

Product Information
Radio controlled
 (868mhz) - no wiring from switch to control box.
For use with most Silent Gliss electric operated window treatment systems
1-channel, 5-channel or 10-channel wall/hand-held transmitters for one or more receivers are available
Large up-stop-down buttons
Uses standard batteries
Radio receivers available for motors without integrated receiver

Downloadable Files:
Product Code: 9068
Receiver Receiver 868MHz, 230V Function: 1-Channel (flush mount) The receiver can be used to ..
Ex Tax:£469.65
Product Code: 9943
Wall switch 868MHz Function: 1-channel with timer The switch can be used to operate one receiv..
Product Code: 9944
Receiver Receiver 868MHz, 230V Function: 1-channel The receiver can operate one motor or one ..
Ex Tax:£360.12
Product Code: 9945
Receiver Receiver Combio RM 868MHz, 230V Function: 1-channel The receiver can operate one mot..
Ex Tax:£325.61
Product Code: 9946
This has been replaced by model 11480Wall switch 868MHz Function: 1-Channel The switch can be ..

This has been replaced by model 11480

Product Code: 9947
Receiver Function: relay (flush mount) The control unit is needed for operating 24V systems 4850..
Ex Tax:£212.79
Product Code: 9948
Wall switch 868MHz This unit automatically links to satellites to change the time of day to open..
Product Code: 9952
Hard wired Timer swtich. Mains powered. NOTE: This product can not be used with motors thet ha..
Product Code: 9960
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From  £1,426.42
Ex Tax:£1,188.68
Product Code: 9961
Ex Tax:£434.87
Product Code: 10297
Solar Sensor This is a wireless Sun Sensor only Features: - Transmitter 868 MHz - Sun co..
Ex Tax:£445.19
Product Code: 10298
Sensor (Dawn to Dusk) Features: - Transmitter 868/915 MHz - Sun control for all motorised sy..
Product Code: 10300
Function: 1-Channel The hand-held transmitter can operate one receiver or one group of receiver..
Ex Tax:£264.74
Product Code: 10302
Hand-held transmitter 868MHz Function: 5+1 channel The hand-held transmitter can operate up to f..
Ex Tax:£264.74
Product Code: 10303
Hand-held transmitter 868MHz Function: 10+2+1 channel The hand-held transmitter can operate up..
Ex Tax:£322.67
Product Code: 10804
Ex Tax:£322.66
Product Code: 11480
Wall switch 868MHz..
Ex Tax:£135.92
Product Code: 11490
Wall switch 868MHz..
Ex Tax:£249.31
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