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Cubicle & Shower 6103 system - parts

For 6103 Shower Rail Complete systems "CLICK HERE"

Product Information
Attractive contemporary rounded profile shape whilst system enjoys all the flexibility and strength of the proven 6100 system
Available as standard in silver and white.
Special custom colouring facility for this profile and components enables specifiers to select a RAL colour to complement or contrast with decor
Clean, unbroken line in hospital wards
The top channel maximises connection positions and suspension variations. The dust-cover strip reduces the risk of cross-infection
Standard length silver and white 6m, chrome 4m
Medium to heavy curtains
Conforms to HTM66
Can be bent. (with special tools only)

Product Code: 0550A
Special support, chrome or gold..
Ex Tax:£40.39
Product Code: 6064
From  £2.00
Ex Tax:£1.67
Product Code: 6065
From  £1.75
Ex Tax:£1.46
Product Code: 6083/6096
These have been replaced by the 11300 2C Glider. Click here..

These have been replaced by the 11300 2C Glider. Click here

Product Code: 6086
From  £2.93
Ex Tax:£2.44
Product Code: 6094
From  £5.78
Ex Tax:£4.82
Roller glider with eye Silver (Each) (Second Hand)
-33 %
Product Code: 6098-S
£4.04 £6.07
Ex Tax:£3.37
Roller glider with eye (Each) (Second Hand) Roller glider with eye (Each) (Second Hand)
-25 %
Product Code: 6098-SH
Roller glider with eye (Each)..
£3.66 £4.88
Ex Tax:£3.05
Product Code: 6098
From  £4.88
Ex Tax:£4.07
Product Code: 6098-PS
NOTE: We only keep a small amount of stock up to 100 at any one time. If we don't have enough to sup..
Ex Tax:£4.61
Product Code: 6099 (6098W)
Only available in White..
From  £6.37
Ex Tax:£5.31
Wave roller glider cord (80mm) set lengths
Special Offer -40 %
Product Code: 6099 (6098W)
From  £3.82 £6.37
Ex Tax:£3.18
Product Code: 6103
From  £53.27
Ex Tax:£44.39
Product Code: 6108
Dustcover in white (price per metre) (for profile 6109)..


Product Code: 6110
NOTE: This product is only made in white..
From  £4.82
Ex Tax:£4.02
Product Code: 6124
Twist fixing plate in Silver..
From  £7.62
Ex Tax:£6.35
Product Code: 6143
From  £4.04
Ex Tax:£3.37
Product Code: 6146
From  £0.47
Ex Tax:£0.39
Product Code: 6147 (6143-6146)
Glider with hook (parts 6143 & 6146)..
From  £10.16
Ex Tax:£8.47
Product Code: 6160
Track insert..
From  £25.04
Ex Tax:£20.87
Product Code: 6175
From  £40.08
Ex Tax:£33.40
Product Code: 6187
Dummy ceiling support sleeve, silver or white..
Ex Tax:£10.97
Product Code: 6188
Ceiling support, (50mm complete with stud 6193 and grub screw) silver, white, gold or chrome..
Ex Tax:£18.45
Product Code: 6190
Hanger rod assembly including 6192 ceiling support and 6191 rod...
From  £67.82
Ex Tax:£56.52
Product Code: 6191
Available up to 5 metre lengths..
From  £23.38
Ex Tax:£19.48
Product Code: 6192B
Ceiling support, 100mm complete with stud 6193 and 2 grub screws...
From  £48.82
Ex Tax:£40.68
Product Code: 6193
Ex Tax:£3.90
Product Code: 6194
Ex Tax:£5.88
Product Code: 6197
Hanger joint sleeve, silver or white..
Ex Tax:£22.19
Product Code: 6527
Wall support for 6103..
Ex Tax:£115.60
Product Code: 6283 (6284)
From  £2.92
Ex Tax:£2.43
Product Code: 6345
This has been replaced by the newer 60mm 2C Glider cord, Click here May 2019..

see part 11303

Product Code: 6345-G
Wave glider-cord, 60mm pitch (price per This has been replaced by the newer 60mm 2C Glider cord..
Ex Tax:£1.42
Product Code: 6346
This has been replaced by the newer 80mm 2C Glider cord, Click here May 2019..

see part 11302

Product Code: 6501
NOTE: Price is for a drop from 35mm to 910mm. Please contact us for prices for drops over 91cm and p..
From  £151.03
Ex Tax:£125.86
Product Code: 6503
Wall brackets complete in various sizes, silver or white..
From  £20.76
Ex Tax:£17.30
Product Code: 6511W
White cover for 6527..
Product Code: 6514M
T-junction, single, silver or white..
Product Code: 6519
hanger rod (Upto 5 metre lengths)  ..
Ex Tax:£13.80
Product Code: 6521
External bridge (for 6103), silver or white..
From  £105.77
Ex Tax:£88.14
Product Code: 6524A
Diagonal fixing support, silver or white For rod please see part 6519 only in Silver..
Ex Tax:£78.12
Product Code: 6525A
Double T-junction, silver or white..
From  £23.17
Ex Tax:£19.31
Product Code: 6620
From  £21.61
Ex Tax:£18.01
Product Code: 6625A
Fixing sleeve complete for V-hanger/diagonal support, Silver or White..
From  £44.74
Ex Tax:£37.28
Product Code: 6626
Knurled Ring..
Ex Tax:£3.93
Product Code: 6628
V-hanger track insert..
Ex Tax:£28.26
Product Code: 6630
Endcover, white, black, grey, gold, chrome effect or gunmetal    ..
Ex Tax:£5.97
Product Code: 6631
90 Degree  Connector piece (for 6103), white or grey..
Ex Tax:£10.72
Product Code: 6632
Ex Tax:£11.88
Product Code: 6635
Internal connecting bridge Comes with 2 x 6632 Internal connectors 1 x 6639 Insert  ..
Ex Tax:£24.62
Product Code: 6639
Ex Tax:£3.52
Product Code: 6771
Ex Tax:£2.30
Product Code: 11295 (6007) (6013)
From  £1.06
Ex Tax:£0.88
Product Code: 11300/11301
From  £0.66
Ex Tax:£0.55
Product Code: 11302
From  £1.94
Ex Tax:£1.62
Product Code: 11303
From  £1.94
Ex Tax:£1.62
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