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Roller Blind 4905 Chain operated Colorama fabric NONE BALANCED (25mm Roller) system - parts

For 4905 Complete systems "CLICK HERE"

Product Information
Small chain operated roller blind system for residential applications
Silent and smooth operation with metal bead chain. The blind can be stopped at any given position
Easy installation with click-in brackets for fast fixing
Side guide option available
Ceiling, recess or wall fix
Hardware is available in 27 colours (plus silver) matched to the Colorama fabric range
Supplied with Colorama 1 and 2 fabric ONLY

Downloadable Files:
Product Code: 4226
Standard adhesive tape, 30mm (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£5.81
Product Code: 8235
Ex Tax:£2.32
Product Code: 8236
Ex Tax:£2.41
Product Code: 8237
Ex Tax:£2.32
Product Code: 8249A
Ex Tax:£0.67
Product Code: 10482
Child Safety Device for use with 4.0mm Metal Bead Chain to Metal Bead Chain  ..
Product Code: 10530
If you require the chain to be joined please order double the length you require + 50mm to allow for..
Ex Tax:£3.86
Product Code: 10643
Wire  1.3mm x 4.2m  (side guide)..
Product Code: 10669
Double base long (side guide)..
Product Code: 10673
Double base short (side guide)..
Product Code: 10701
Double wire holder (side guide)..
Product Code: 10709
Ex Tax:£0.85
Product Code: 10731 (10400) (0998)
Safety Cord Retainer (Was part no 0998)..
Ex Tax:£1.15
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