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0450 Control systems (912mhz)

Courier delivery time delays. 5th August 2021

Due to the problems with people isolating we have been advised by all carriers they cannot guarantee their delivery times until further notice.
This is affecting orders with rails.General parts that are sent by Royal Mail do not seem to be affected at this time.
Please bear this in mind when ordering, orders with rails are taking 1 to 3 
days to get delivered sometimes longer.
There are also problems with the tracking information due to staffing issue at the carriers.

This is affecting all suppliers and carriers at this time.

If you need to conatct us, please email us at

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Product Information
For use with Silent Gliss type A, AA, B, BB and C motors
Radio controlled - no wiring from switch to control box
Up to 255 house and 255 room addresses
Can be retro fitted
Simple multi-switch possibilities without complex cabling
Control of up to 8 motor groups (can be A, AA, B, BB and C mixed) both individually and simultaneously from a single gang switch
Ability to interface with RS232 and RS485 communication protocols on request
Wall switches available in either mirror polish, brushed stainless or brass finish
Multi-channel programmable handset available
Black pattress box as standard, white box available on request
Range: max. 100m
In some situations a booster may be required for distances over 15m. Ask Silent Gliss
Pulse function allows slat tilting action on vertical and venetian blinds

Downloadable Files:
Single-channel remote control (Discontinued) (Some stock left) Single-channel remote control (Discontinued) (Some stock left)
Special Offer -41 %
Product Code: 0921
Booster for 0450 system..
Ex Tax:£497.87
Product Code: 0922
Power supply for 0921 booster..
Ex Tax:£124.46
Product Code: 20336 (0336)
Ex Tax:£189.11
Product Code: 20907 (0907)
Control Module (for C type Motor) 24v  used on 4850 Roller, 8250 Venetian, 8500 Plissee Blinds...
Ex Tax:£333.99
Product Code: 20913 (0913)
Single-channel wall switch, brushed silver, MP mirror, Polish Brass...
Ex Tax:£242.29
Product Code: 20914 (0914)
Wall Mounted Switch 8 Channel in Brass, Brushed Silver, or Mirror  ..
Ex Tax:£242.29
Product Code: 20917 (0917)
Ex Tax:£21.63
Product Code: 20918 (0918)
Ex Tax:£309.37
Product Code: 20919 (0919)
NOTE If your module has a P on it then you will need to order an 0919P. The P stand s for pulse mode..
Ex Tax:£309.37
Product Code: 20919-P (0919-P)
NOTE This is not a standard module but a pulse mode used with a Vertical Blind or 8800 sky..
Ex Tax:£309.37
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