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0450 Control systems (912mhz)

Product Information
For use with Silent Gliss type A, AA, B, BB and C motors
Radio controlled - no wiring from switch to control box
Up to 255 house and 255 room addresses
Can be retro fitted
Simple multi-switch possibilities without complex cabling
Control of up to 8 motor groups (can be A, AA, B, BB and C mixed) both individually and simultaneously from a single gang switch
Ability to interface with RS232 and RS485 communication protocols on request
Wall switches available in either mirror polish, brushed stainless or brass finish
Multi-channel programmable handset available
Black pattress box as standard, white box available on request
Range: max. 100m
In some situations a booster may be required for distances over 15m. Ask Silent Gliss
Pulse function allows slat tilting action on vertical and venetian blinds

Downloadable Files:
Single-channel remote control (Discontinued) Stock still available (Each) Single-channel remote control (Discontinued) Stock still available (Each)
Special Offer -41 %
Product Code: 0921
Booster for 0450 system..
Ex Tax:£535.21
Product Code: 0922
Power supply for 0921 booster..
Ex Tax:£133.80
Product Code: 20336 (0336)
Ex Tax:£203.29
Product Code: 20907 (0907)
Control Module (for C type Motor) 24v  used on 4850 Roller, 8250 Venetian, 8500 Plissee Blinds...
Ex Tax:£359.04
Product Code: 20913 (0913)
Single-channel wall switch, brushed silver, MP mirror, Polish Brass...
Ex Tax:£260.46
Product Code: 20914 (0914)
Wall Mounted Switch 8 Channel in Brass, Brushed Silver, or Mirror  ..
Ex Tax:£260.46
Product Code: 20917 (0917)
Ex Tax:£23.25
Product Code: 20918 (0918)
Ex Tax:£332.57
Product Code: 20919 (0919)
NOTE If your module has a P on it then you will need to order an 0919P. The P stand s for pulse mode..
Ex Tax:£332.57
Product Code: 20919-P (0919-P)
NOTE This is not a standard module but a pulse mode used with a Vertical Blind or 8800 sky..
Ex Tax:£332.57
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