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Roman Blind 2150 Electric (Discontinued) system - Parts

UPDATE Tuesday 26th May 2020

We are open as normal but there will be some delays on supply goods.

Goods which are most parts will be sent out by 1st post will generally be sent out same day if not next day.
Complete curtain track systems and lengths of rails will be dispatched within 5 working days or maybe quicker, once dispatched these should be delivered within 2 working days. The exception to this are the 6140M, 6150M, 6160M, 3970, 5600 colours, 6293, 6970 and all recess systems apart from 6243, all Blind systems, Panel Glide, which are currently only manufactured at Silent Gliss head office are taking 3 - 4 weeks approximate.

If you find you are unable to get through on our phone lines, please email us at

Phone lines open. Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm. Closed lunch time 1 -2pm  

This system is discontinued and has been superseded by the 2350 system.

Product Information
Electrically operated system for medium to heavy weight blinds
For domestic or contract use
Motor is concealed in headbox
Pre-set limit switches can be easily adjusted to determine the maximum travel of the blind
Discreet fitting
Incorporates Velcro strip for easy attachment of blind.
Delivered ready assembled to exact required width ready for attaching to blind and mounting
Normally ceiling fixed but can be wall mounted.
Radio control options available
0900 timer compatible
Blind travel speed 3.5cm/sec
230v and 115 v version available

Product Code: 0622
Corner Joint for 2150 system..
Product Code: 2005 (2004)
Bottom weight bar 38mm (4 metre lengths only) 40mm..
Ex Tax:£82.40
Product Code: 2091
Endcover (each)..
Ex Tax:£1.17
Product Code: 2091-10
Endcover (each)..
Ex Tax:£10.85
Product Code: 2135
Steel rod (3 metre lengths only) (price is for a 3 metre length)Diameter 3mm..
Ex Tax:£8.77
Product Code: 2136-100
Tubular tape, sold in 100 metre rolls only (Price per 100 metre roll)..
Ex Tax:£191.19
Product Code: 2151s
Profile in silver (up to 6 meter lengths)..
Ex Tax:£121.52
Product Code: 2152A
Profile connector 2152 (Complete)..
Ex Tax:£6.42
Product Code: 2152
Profile connector 2152 ..
Ex Tax:£2.62
Product Code: 2153
Tape holder..
Ex Tax:£1.15
Product Code: 2154
Endcover (each)..
Product Code: 2156
Drive shaft (Max lengths 6 metres) (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£14.28
Product Code: 2160
Ex Tax:£1,140.26
Product Code: 2163
Flat drawing tape (per metre) 6mm Wide..
Ex Tax:£2.56
Product Code: 2163-100
6mm Wide. Flat drawing tape (per 100 metre roll)..
Ex Tax:£227.26
Product Code: 2245
Motor Coupling..
Ex Tax:£10.12
Product Code: 2247
Fixing Set for Motor 2160 V2/3 only..
Ex Tax:£6.97
Product Code: 2510
Velcro insert rail (up to 3 metre lengths) price per metre..


Product Code: 3004
Ex Tax:£1.62
Product Code: 3004-10
Clamp (Pack Quantity 10)..
Ex Tax:£14.35
Product Code: 3073
Bottom tape adjuster (price each)..
Ex Tax:£0.39
Product Code: 3073-10
Bottom tape adjuster (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£2.96
Klick Plug (Second Hand) Klick Plug (Second Hand)
-42 %
Product Code: 5741
£14.04 £24.00
Ex Tax:£11.70
Product Code: 5741
Klick Plug, white..
Ex Tax:£20.18
Product Code: 5742
Klick Socket, white..
Ex Tax:£30.08
Product Code: 8249A
Ex Tax:£0.66
Product Code: 9916 (0766)
Product code changed from 0766 to 9916 (January 2018). This part is made up from parts 0544 and 0..
Ex Tax:£66.26
Product Code: 9953 (0570)
Product code changed from 0570 to 9953 (January 2018)...
Ex Tax:£198.76
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