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Roller Blind 4900 (41mm) Pre 2017 system - parts

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Product Information

Silent and smooth spring operated roller blind system for residential and contract applications
Pull ball operation
Unique speed controller ensures a smooth, controlled ascent
Optional end stop controller allows upper end stop limit adjustments - ideal when systems are mounted side-by-side and need to stop at the same level
Stop clutch mechanism halts the blind at any given position
Easy wall, ceiling or recess fix
System supplied with pre-mounted installation profile in white as standard
Side-by-side version with centre support bracket and minimal light gap
Side guide option available
Choice of bottom bar designs

Product Code: 0661
Side Guide wire (per metre) NYLON..
Ex Tax:£1.15
Product Code: 4221
Bottom weight bar, white, silver or black (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£20.12
Product Code: 4226
Standard adhesive tape, 30mm (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£5.81
Product Code: 4246
Pull ball set, white or black..
Ex Tax:£4.04
Product Code: 4900BS/2
Contains parts10576  White brackets, Stainless steel x 210498 C/S Screw 2.9 x 9.5mm x 410988 Be..
Ex Tax:£41.64
Product Code: 8235
Ex Tax:£2.32
Product Code: 8236
Ex Tax:£2.41
Product Code: 8237
Ex Tax:£2.32
Product Code: 8249A
Ex Tax:£0.67
Product Code: 10531
Profile 41mm..
Ex Tax:£20.09
Product Code: 10540
Spring side bracket..
Ex Tax:£18.95
Product Code: 10541
Clutch side bracket..
Ex Tax:£4.67
Product Code: 10562
Ex Tax:£52.05
Product Code: 10563
Ex Tax:£59.97
Product Code: 10564
Ex Tax:£62.76
Product Code: 10565
Ex Tax:£74.27
Product Code: 10566
Ex Tax:£80.24
Product Code: 10567
Ex Tax:£84.30
Product Code: 10569
Clutch set stop controller..
Product Code: 10570
Stop controller..
Product Code: 10574
Ex Tax:£2.39
Product Code: 10632
Intermediate Cover..
Ex Tax:£5.72
Product Code: 10633
Bottom bar rectangle..
Ex Tax:£12.69
Product Code: 10634
Bottom bar rectangle..
Ex Tax:£12.69
Product Code: 10635
End cover rectangle..
Ex Tax:£1.40
Product Code: 10636
End cover rectangle (side guide)..
Product Code: 10637
End cover oval..
Ex Tax:£1.40
Product Code: 10638
End cover oval (side guide)..
Product Code: 10639
End cover round..
Ex Tax:£1.06
Product Code: 10640
End cover round (side guide)..
Product Code: 10641
Eyelet (side guide)..
Product Code: 10643
Wire  1.3mm x 4.2m  (side guide)..
Product Code: 10642
Wire holder (side guide)..
Ex Tax:£1.76
Product Code: 10645
Pull grip set..
Ex Tax:£13.50
Product Code: 10669
Double base long (side guide)..
Product Code: 10673
Double base short (side guide)..
Product Code: 10701
Double wire holder (side guide)..
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