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Roller Blind 4900 (41mm) Pre 2017 system - parts

Courier delivery time delays. 5th August 2021

Due to the problems with people isolating we have been advised by all carriers they cannot guarantee their delivery times until further notice.
This is affecting orders with rails.General parts that are sent by Royal Mail do not seem to be affected at this time.
Please bear this in mind when ordering, orders with rails are taking 1 to 3 
days to get delivered sometimes longer.
There are also problems with the tracking information due to staffing issue at the carriers.

This is affecting all suppliers and carriers at this time.

If you need to conatct us, please email us at

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For 4900 Complete systems "CLICK HERE"

Product Information

Silent and smooth spring operated roller blind system for residential and contract applications
Pull ball operation
Unique speed controller ensures a smooth, controlled ascent
Optional end stop controller allows upper end stop limit adjustments - ideal when systems are mounted side-by-side and need to stop at the same level
Stop clutch mechanism halts the blind at any given position
Easy wall, ceiling or recess fix
System supplied with pre-mounted installation profile in white as standard
Side-by-side version with centre support bracket and minimal light gap
Side guide option available
Choice of bottom bar designs

Product Code: 0661
Side Guide wire (per metre) NYLON..
Ex Tax:£1.15
Product Code: 4221
Bottom weight bar, white, silver or black (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£20.12
Product Code: 4226
Standard adhesive tape, 30mm (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£5.81
Product Code: 4246
Pull ball set, white or black..
Ex Tax:£4.04
Product Code: 4900BS/2
Contains parts10576  White brackets, Stainless steel x 210498 C/S Screw 2.9 x 9.5mm x 410988 Be..
Ex Tax:£41.64
Product Code: 8235
Ex Tax:£2.32
Product Code: 8236
Ex Tax:£2.41
Product Code: 8237
Ex Tax:£2.32
Product Code: 8249A
Ex Tax:£0.67
Product Code: 10531
Ex Tax:£20.09
Product Code: 10540
Spring side bracket..
Ex Tax:£18.95
Product Code: 10541
Clutch side bracket..
Ex Tax:£4.67
Product Code: 10562
Ex Tax:£52.05
Product Code: 10563
Ex Tax:£59.97
Product Code: 10564
Ex Tax:£62.76
Product Code: 10565
Ex Tax:£74.27
Product Code: 10566
Ex Tax:£80.24
Product Code: 10567
Ex Tax:£84.30
Product Code: 10569
Clutch set stop controller..
Product Code: 10570
Stop controller..
Product Code: 10574
Ex Tax:£2.39
Product Code: 10632
Ex Tax:£5.72
Product Code: 10633
Bottom bar rectangle..
Ex Tax:£12.69
Product Code: 10634
Bottom bar rectangle..
Ex Tax:£12.69
Product Code: 10635
Ex Tax:£1.40
Product Code: 10637
Ex Tax:£1.40
Product Code: 10639
Ex Tax:£1.06
Product Code: 10642
Ex Tax:£1.76
Product Code: 10645
Pull grip set..
Ex Tax:£13.50
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