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Electric Operated 5140 system - Parts

UPDATE Tuesday 31st March 2020

We are still open and will be sending out parts we have in stock by Royal Mail.

Due to all of our main factory's having to be closed we can no longer supply any orders for complete systems or lengths of rails or blind systems until further notice.

Spare parts if we have them in stock which are most of the general track parts, we will dispatch by Royal Mail within one working day while stocks last. If you want to double check please email us at

We are still accepting orders for complete systems and all other Gliss products. When we able to start supplying again, orders will be supplied in date ordered, so if you don't mind waiting but want them as soon as possible you need to place your order ASAP otherwise you will be further down the list and the delay will be longer.

If you find you are unable to get through on our phone lines, please email us at

Phone lines open. Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm. Closed lunch time 1 -2pm  

This system is discontinued and was superseded by the 5420 system. (January 2007)

Product Information
2-channel electrically operated track for domestic and contract use
Unlimited overlapping of the curtains without the need of an overlap arm
White only
Stacking: single or pair stack, for symmetric or asymmetric applications
Easy wall or ceiling fixing
The motor can also be mounted above the profile
Supplied assembled
Curtain travel speed of 15cm/sec
System 5140 is supplied with 3 different motor options depending on the application
5140 Basic (motor 9012) for simplified internal electronics to retain electronic limit setting only. No low voltage control facility. For mains switching only with latching switch
5140 Electronic (motor 9011) for medium weight curtains and multiple systems operated by fixed switch only. Up to 15 systems can be operated via low voltage or mains connections without relays. With a fixed low voltage switch an almost infinite number of systems can be operated individually or simultaneously
5140 Intelligent (motor 9010) for total compatibility with LonWorks BUS technology
For mixed voltage systems and home automation/building management applications
Radio control option available
0900 timer option available

Product Code: 0521-SH
NOTE: Will NOT fit 5400 systems motors 9020, 9021, 9022, 9023..
Ex Tax:£23.00
Lead (SECOND HAND)  60 Day Warranty
-49 %
Product Code: 0521-SH
NOTE: Will NOT fit 5400 systems motors 9020, 9021, 9022, 9023  ..
£61.80 £121.03
Ex Tax:£51.50
Product Code: 0565
Complete with cover and pattress back box, 1 gang NOTE: When using on 5600 system can only b..
Ex Tax:£105.25
Product Code: 0565SP
NOTE: When using on 5600 system can only be used when low voltage switching..
Ex Tax:£58.48
Product Code: 0593
Gland set for 5682..
Ex Tax:£3.66
Product Code: 2613
Ex Tax:£15.58
Product Code: 3033
Clamp (each)..
Ex Tax:£2.72
Product Code: 3033-10
Clamp (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£24.48
Product Code: 3139
NOTE: All L shaped brackets are being discontinued in 2018 and are being replaced by a range of Smar..


Product Code: 5005
Master carrier..
Ex Tax:£2.76
Product Code: 5110
Ex Tax:£4.41
Product Code: 5120
Master carrier..
Ex Tax:£4.89
Product Code: 5147
Motor Support..
Ex Tax:£8.62
Product Code: 5339 (0562)
Product code changed from 0562 to 5339 (January 2018). lead with in-line connector 100cm..
Ex Tax:£105.41
Product Code: 5684
Ex Tax:£33.40
Product Code: 5741
Klick Plug, white..
Ex Tax:£20.18
Klick Plug (Second Hand) Klick Plug (Second Hand)
-42 %
Product Code: 5741
£14.04 £24.00
Ex Tax:£11.70
Product Code: 5742
Klick Socket, white..
Ex Tax:£30.08
Product Code: 5778
Special plug for cable 5779, (price per pair) This product can be used on the Silent Gliss 5300 E..
Ex Tax:£7.34
Product Code: 5779
4 core low voltage connecting cable (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£5.02
Product Code: 6086
Spring stop (Each)..
Ex Tax:£1.98
Product Code: 6086-10
Spring stop(Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£18.60
Product Code: 6086-100
Spring stop (Pack of 100..
Ex Tax:£168.99
Product Code: 6094
Roller glider with hook (Each)..
Ex Tax:£3.92
Product Code: 6094-10
Roller glider with hook (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£32.61
Product Code: 6094-100
Roller glider with hook (Pack of 100)..
Ex Tax:£310.24
Roller glider with eye (Each) (Second Hand) Roller glider with eye (Each) (Second Hand)
-38 %
Product Code: 6098-SH
Roller glider with eye (Each)..
£2.47 £3.98
Ex Tax:£2.06
Product Code: 6098
Roller glider with eye (Each)..
Ex Tax:£3.32
Product Code: 6098-10
Roller glider with eye (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£27.50
Product Code: 6098-100
Roller glider with eye (Pack of 100)..
Ex Tax:£260.90
Product Code: 6283
Roller glider (Each)..
Ex Tax:£1.97
Product Code: 6283-10
Roller glider (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£17.07
Product Code: 6283-100
Roller glider (Box of 100)..
Ex Tax:£161.94
Product Code: 9010
Intelligent Motor (3Nm) This motor has 2 x RJ 11 ports and 1 x orange serail pot at bottom of mot..


Product Code: 9011
Electronic motor (3Nm) UK Spec 230V/250V only Come with 2 x RJ 11 ports in bottom of motor ..


Product Code: 9012
Basic motor (3Nm) Price was  £615.53 including Vat (Jan 2010) NOTE: The 9010 motor can be..


Product Code: 9112
Guide set parts 2613, 2 x 5005, 2 x 5110, 5112, 5113, 5120, 5127, 5143, 5144, 5147, 9101...


Product Code: 9916 (0766)
Product code changed from 0766 to 9916 (January 2018). This part is made up from parts 0544 and 0..
Ex Tax:£66.26
Product Code: 9953 (0570)
Product code changed from 0570 to 9953 (January 2018)...
Ex Tax:£198.76
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