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How often should blinds be replaced?

We recommend changing your blinds every 6-8 years to prevent fraying or discolouration.

What parts will I need when installing window blinds?

To install blinds, you will need a drill, pilot parts that are slightly smaller than the screws that came with your blinds and a ladder. Silent Gliss provide an excellent supply of second-hand or spare parts for blinds. Visit our Second-Hand Parts page for more.

What is a curtain track?

Made from either metal or plastic, curtain tracks are used to hang curtains that have a heading tape, such as pinch and pencil pleat curtains. They are hung from gliders rather than rings, meaning that the curtain moves quietly and effortlessly up and down the track.

How do cord curtain tracks work?

Cord curtains have a cord to the side of the track which you pull to open and close the curtains. At SGS, we have a wide range of licensed Cord Curtain Track Systems available, all seamlessly practical and easy to use.

What are recess blinds?

Recess blinds are neatly tucked away blinds within the window recess, creating a clean and neat aesthetic, perfect for unusually shaped windows or rooms with an unconventional design.

When are wave tracks necessary?

For those seeking the smoothness and efficiency of a curtain track with a more attractive and contemporary design feature, wave tracks could be the perfect choice for you. They help to maximise the amount of light coming into the room, making them ideal for any space where daylight is at a premium.

How do I determine what curtain poles I need?

To determine the optimal width of your curtain rod, you'll need to measure the width of your window including the frame or trim. Take this measurement three times: once at the top, once at the centre, and once near the bottom of your window.

Which metroflat is best for a curtain rail?

Metroflat systems are easy to fit onto a wall or ceiling with brackets for medium-to-heavy curtains. Suitable for use with wave curtain heading systems, we have a wide range of metropole systems in an array of attractive designs.

How long will battery-powered blinds last?

Our range of high-quality battery-powered blinds lasts up to three years (depending on usage, system size, fabric and battery type, and room temperature).

What are the benefits of electric blinds?

For the ultimate convenience and quality, our electric blinds offer a range of control options so that you can open and close your curtains at the touch of a button from wherever you are. Smooth, quiet and powerful, these blinds are packed full of benefits.

How are roman blinds fitted?

Simply mark the positions of your brackets, realign your brackets with the markings, drill gently into place and clip your roman blinds into the brackets to complete the perfect fit.

What type of track do I need for a roller blind?

If you are looking for seamless battery-operated roller blinds, our electrical tracks make the perfect choice. Ideal for heavy-duty, or contract use, at SGS, we supply electric roller blinds in a range of specifications.

What do shower rail systems consist of?

Our shower rail complete systems are suitable for all types of shower curtains and are available in two different profile types with various finishes. Discover our attractive, reversible shower rail systems here at SGS today.

How easy is it to fit spare blind parts?

Our blinds are practical, inexpensive and very easy to install. Silent Gliss provide an excellent supply of second-hand or spare parts for blinds. Visit our Second-Hand Parts page for more.

How do electric roman blinds work?

Our elegant electrically operated roman blinds uses a revolutionary cord release mechanism combined with velcro tape fixing to create easily maintained, beautiful blinds.