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Electric Operated 5300 system - Parts

For 5300 Complete systems "CLICK HERE" 

  This system has discontinued by Silent Gliss January 2020 

Product Information
High standards of performance and versatility
For medium-heavy to heavy commercial and professional use
Multiple motors can be individually and/or simultaneously controlled with cost effective and simple low voltage wiring (no relays)
Can be single or multiple operation (almost infinite number)
Smooth, silent operation with roller gliders
Built in thermal overload protection
Versatile bending possibilities even for such a heavy-duty system, thanks to the unique cylinder belt giving strength with reduced friction
Neat flat profile. Motor remains hidden behind curtain or can be positioned above profile in hollow ceiling. Profile preferably ceiling fixed but wall-fix brackets available
Multiple and asymmetrical stacking - the most flexible of all systems thanks to 3-channel profile
Profile available in silver and white as standard
Speed of travel 30cm per second
Can be combined with Radio Remote Control System Silent Gliss 9940/0450
The system can be bent (Factory only)

Lead (SECOND HAND)  60 Day Warranty
-49 %
Product Code: 0521-SH
NOTE: Will NOT fit 5400 systems motors 9020, 9021, 9022, 9023  ..
£67.76 £132.72
Ex Tax:£56.47
Product Code: 0521-SH
NOTE: Will NOT fit 5400 systems motors 9020, 9021, 9022, 9023..
Ex Tax:£25.22
Product Code: 0565SP
NOTE: When using on 5600 system can only be used when low voltage switching..
Ex Tax:£64.12
Product Code: 0565
Complete with cover and pattress back box, 1 gang NOTE: When using on 5600 system can only b..
Ex Tax:£115.41
Product Code: 0578
Pattress box..
Product Code: 3239B
Extension bracket This product is used on the Silent Gliss 5300 Electric Complete Systems. &nb..
Ex Tax:£24.00
Product Code: 5110


Product Code: 5301s
up to 6 metre lengths..
Ex Tax:£62.08
Product Code: 5302
NOTE: For Lubrication Please use Dow Corning, MolyKote X5-6020 grease...
Ex Tax:£22.35
Product Code: 5304
Drive set, white/grey..
Ex Tax:£124.21
Product Code: 5310
Endset, return, white/grey..
Ex Tax:£107.40
Product Code: 5312
Ex Tax:£14.65
Product Code: 5315
Wire (2mm) This wire is designed to be used on the Silent Gliss 5300 Complete Systems...
Product Code: 5317
Master carrier set, 2 x 5313, 5314, 5315, 5316, 2 x 7724..
Ex Tax:£51.86
Product Code: 5318
Motor support..
Ex Tax:£17.35
Product Code: 5319
Connecting bridge..
Ex Tax:£38.90
Product Code: 5320
Ex Tax:£5.34
Product Code: 5321
Master pilot..
Ex Tax:£58.33
Product Code: 5325
Asymmetric set, 5326, 5327, 5328, 5329, 2 x 5330..
Product Code: 5327
Carrier This product is used on the Silent Gliss 5300 Electric Curtain Track System...
Product Code: 5331
Steel wire (price per metre)..
Product Code: 5337
Connectiong Pin for crank handle 5300 system..
Product Code: 5337A
Complete crank handle 5300 system (1.5 metre)..
Ex Tax:£47.09
Product Code: 5339 (0562)
Product code changed from 0562 to 5339 (January 2018). lead with in-line connector 100cm..
Ex Tax:£115.58
Product Code: 5360
Motor 230V-50Hz  ..
Ex Tax:£2,978.78
Product Code: 5360A
Motor 115V-60Hz  ..
Ex Tax:£3,023.60
Product Code: 5670
Overlap arm..
Ex Tax:£72.31
Product Code: 5682


Product Code: 5684
Ex Tax:£36.64
Product Code: 5741
Klick Plug, white..
Ex Tax:£22.12
Klick Plug (Second Hand) Klick Plug (Second Hand)
-42 %
Product Code: 5741
£15.38 £26.32
Ex Tax:£12.82
Product Code: 5742
Klick Socket, white..
Ex Tax:£32.98
Product Code: 5778
Special plug for cable 5779, (price per pair) This product can be used on the Silent Gliss 5300 E..
Ex Tax:£4.02
Product Code: 5779
4 core low voltage connecting cable (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£5.49
Product Code: 6086
Spring stop (Each)..
Ex Tax:£2.17
Product Code: 6086-10
Spring stop(Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£20.40
Product Code: 6086-100
Spring stop (Pack of 100..
Ex Tax:£185.30
Product Code: 6094
Roller glider with hook (Each)..
Ex Tax:£4.30
Product Code: 6094-10
Roller glider with hook (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£35.76
Product Code: 6094-100
Roller glider with hook (Pack of 100)..
Ex Tax:£340.17
Roller glider with eye (Each) (Second Hand) Roller glider with eye (Each) (Second Hand)
-38 %
Product Code: 6098-SH
Roller glider with eye (Each)..
£2.70 £4.37
Ex Tax:£2.25
Product Code: 6098
Roller glider with eye (Each)..
Ex Tax:£3.64
Product Code: 6098-10
Roller glider with eye (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£30.16
Product Code: 6098-100
Roller glider with eye (Pack of 100)..
Ex Tax:£286.08
Product Code: 6283 (6284)
Roller glider (Each)..
Ex Tax:£2.16
Product Code: 9916 (0766)
Product code changed from 0766 to 9916 (January 2018). This part is made up from parts 0544 and 0..
Ex Tax:£72.66
Product Code: 10300
Function: 1-Channel The hand-held transmitter can operate one receiver or one group of receiver..
Ex Tax:£249.76
Product Code: 10302
Hand-held transmitter 868MHz Function: 5+1 channel The hand-held transmitter can operate up to f..
Ex Tax:£249.76
Product Code: 10303
Hand-held transmitter 868MHz Function: 10+2+1 channel The hand-held transmitter can operate up..
Ex Tax:£304.40
Product Code: 10804
Ex Tax:£304.40
Product Code: 20336 (0336)
Ex Tax:£203.29
Product Code: 20913 (0913)
Single-channel wall switch, brushed silver, MP mirror, Polish Brass...
Ex Tax:£260.46
Product Code: 20914 (0914)
Wall Mounted Switch 8 Channel in Brass, Brushed Silver, or Mirror  ..
Ex Tax:£260.46
Product Code: 20917 (0917)
Ex Tax:£23.25
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