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0900 Control systems (Discontinued)

Product Information

Discontinued January 2014 
For use with motor type 9020 (see application chart type BB)
Timer unit allows programming of a single open and a single close time
Timer incorporates manual override switch
Infra-red operates up to 5m
Light sensor which can control the system at dawn and/or dusk
System allows for control using a combination of any of the above four functions

Downloadable Files:
Product Code: Clip
IR Transmitter (for 5090/5080 Autoglide and 0900 systems) NOTE: This part will also work with the..
Ex Tax:£2.74
Product Code: 0900
Come complete with Timer unit, Light Sensor, IR Sensor, Remote Control and Link Cable. NOTE: This t..


Product Code: 0947
Sensor with 4 pin connector for use on 5080 Autoglide Timers with Light sensor port. NOTE: This p..
Ex Tax:£17.00
Product Code: 0963-SH
For use with Autoglide Timer unit all versions of 5080 systems...
Ex Tax:£15.00
Transmitter (for Autoglide 5080AR 5090 & 0900 systems) (BRAND NEW) (Each)
Special Offer -38 %
Product Code: 10031 (0949)
Transmitter (for Autoglide 5080AR, 5090 & 0900 systems )    ..
£36.00 £58.06
Ex Tax:£30.00
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