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Hand Operated 1025 system - Parts

UPDATE Tuesday 31st March 2020

We are still open and will be sending out parts we have in stock by Royal Mail.

Due to all of our main factory's having to be closed we can no longer supply any orders for complete systems or lengths of rails or blind systems until further notice.

Spare parts if we have them in stock which are most of the general track parts, we will dispatch by Royal Mail within one working day while stocks last. If you want to double check please email us at

We are still accepting orders for complete systems and all other Gliss products. When we able to start supplying again, orders will be supplied in date ordered, so if you don't mind waiting but want them as soon as possible you need to place your order ASAP otherwise you will be further down the list and the delay will be longer.

If you find you are unable to get through on our phone lines, please email us at

Phone lines open. Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm. Closed lunch time 1 -2pm  

For 1025 Complete systems "CLICK HERE" 

Product Information
Discreet ceiling fix track ideal for mounting preferably to wood.
Widely used for aircraft, trucks, boats, caravans.
For light curtains and nets.
Pre-drilled every 300mm.
Standard colours: silver, white..
Standard profile lengths upto 6m all colours.
Can be bent (with special bending tools only).

Downloadable Files:
Product Code: 1025-S
The Silent Gliss 1025 system is a hand operated curtain track which is designed for light curtains a..
Ex Tax:£7.28
Product Code: 1025-W
Profile in White, (up to 6 metre lengths) price per metre For 6 metre lengths please see 1025-WG-60..
Ex Tax:£14.94
Product Code: 1025-S-500
Profile in Silver, (5 metre Lengths only) price per length  ..
Ex Tax:£33.25
Product Code: 1025-S-600
Profile in Silver, (6 metre Lengths only) price per length  ..
Ex Tax:£39.90
Product Code: 1025-W-600
Profile in White, (6 metre lengths only) price per length  ..
Ex Tax:£85.89
Product Code: 1025-S-U300
Profile in Silver undrilled in 3 metre lengths  ..
Ex Tax:£25.43
Product Code: 1025-S-U600
Profile in Silver undrilled in 6 metre lengths  ..
Ex Tax:£44.37
Product Code: 1025-W-U600
Profile in White undrilled in 6 metre lengths..
Ex Tax:£98.50
Product Code: 3016
Ex Tax:£0.50
Product Code: 3016-10
Ex Tax:£4.78
Product Code: 3016-50
Ex Tax:£21.77
Product Code: 3016-100
Ex Tax:£37.87
Product Code: 3032
Spring stop (Each)..
Ex Tax:£1.02
Product Code: 3032-10
Spring stop (price per 10)..
Ex Tax:£8.33
Product Code: 3068A
Gap between each loop 50mm To be used with 3511 Gliders..
Ex Tax:£2.99
Product Code: 3068A-250
Gap between each loop 50mm To be used with 3511 Gliders..
Ex Tax:£642.79
Product Code: 3071
Screw twist endstop (Each)..
Ex Tax:£0.97
Product Code: 3071-10
Screw twist endstop (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£9.27
Product Code: 3511-10
Glider (price per 10)..
Ex Tax:£1.49
Product Code: 3511-100
Glider (price per 100)..
Ex Tax:£12.33
Product Code: 3532-10
Glider (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£3.44
Product Code: 3532-100
Glider (Pack of 100)..
Ex Tax:£26.12
Product Code: 3533/3534-10
Gliders (Pack Quantity 10) 3533/3534..
Ex Tax:£2.04
Product Code: 3534-100
Glider in strip form (100 Gliders in 5 strips of 20)  3533/3534 For smaller quantities see part..
Ex Tax:£13.81
Product Code: 3534-500
Glider in strip form of 20 (half box of 500 gliders) For smaller quantities see part 3533..
Ex Tax:£63.26
Product Code: 3534-1000
Glider in strip form (Box of 1000) For small quantities see part 3533..
Ex Tax:£118.17
Product Code: 3548-10
Retrofit Glider (price per 10)..
Ex Tax:£2.81
Product Code: 3548-100
Retrofit Glider (Pack Quantity 100)..
Ex Tax:£23.29
Product Code: 3570-10
Rotating glider (price per 10) NOTE: For Plasitc curtain hooks. The only ones that will fit are ..
Ex Tax:£3.03
Product Code: 3570-100
Rotating glider (Box of 100) NOTE: For Plasitc curtain hooks. The only ones that will fit are 35..
Ex Tax:£26.54
Product Code: 3571-10
Miniature Nylon Hook (Pack 10)..
Ex Tax:£1.78
Product Code: 3571-25
Miniature Nylon Hook (Pack 25)..
Ex Tax:£4.12
Product Code: 3571-100
Miniature Nylon Hook (Pack 100)..
Ex Tax:£12.16
Product Code: 3580
Ex Tax:£49.07
Product Code: 6835C
Pozidrive No. 4 screw 12mm/ 1/2" Please see part 6835A..

See part 6835A

Product Code: 6835A (6835C)-10
Round head No. 4 screw 12mm/ 1/2" (Pack Quantity 10)..
Ex Tax:£1.15
Product Code: 6835B-100
Round head No. 4 screw 25mm/ 1" (Pack Quantity 100)..
Ex Tax:£15.82
Product Code: 6835A (6835C)-100
Round head No. 4 screw 12mm/ 1/2" (Pack Quantity 100)..
Ex Tax:£9.17
Product Code: 10430W
White draw rod 50cm..
Ex Tax:£10.44
Product Code: 10430AL
Aluminuim draw rod 50cm..
Ex Tax:£9.63
Product Code: 10431AL
Aluminuim draw rod 75cm..
Ex Tax:£11.21
Product Code: 10431W
White draw rod 75cm..
Ex Tax:£12.50
Product Code: 10432W
White draw rod 100cm..
Ex Tax:£14.28
Product Code: 10432AL
Aluminuim draw rod 100cm..
Ex Tax:£12.70
Product Code: 10433W
White draw rod 125cm..
Ex Tax:£15.67
Product Code: 10433AL
Aluminuim draw rod 125cm..
Ex Tax:£13.83
Product Code: 10434W
White draw rod 150cm..
Ex Tax:£16.91
Product Code: 10434AL
Aluminuim draw rod 150cm..
Ex Tax:£14.85
Product Code: 11335 (3017)
Ex Tax:£1.00
Product Code: 11335-100 (3017)
Ex Tax:£90.63
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