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Cubicle Curtain Rail complete systems

Silent Gliss has been making durable, long-lasting and practical cubicle systems for over 50 years and is the market leader in the industry. At SG-S we’re proud to be one of the main suppliers of these systems.

The cubicle curtain rails that we supply are frequently used in hospitals where the dust cover track on the rail reduces the risk of cross-infection in patients. They are also popularly used by industrial and commercial businesses.

We supply the full range of Silent Gliss cubicle curtain rails so that you can always find one that will suit your requirements. We can even custom bend cubicle curtain tracks so that they fit into awkwardly shaped areas.

Each of the cubicle track systems that Silent Gliss manufacture is designed for its strength, flexibility and smooth performance. Silent Gliss is a trusted brand with an exceptional reputation for producing long-lasting and durable products.

Browse our range of Silent Gliss cubicle curtain rails and click on an image for further information.