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Roller Blind 4840 chain operated (80/110mm diameter rollers) complete systems

Silent Gliss 4840 Chain Operated Roller Blinds Complete Systems 

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Product Information
8 : 1 Gear Ratio
80mm/110mm Tube Diameter's
Very heavy duty chain operated Roller blind system (right or left hand operation)
Ideal for contract use
With the Silent Gliss 4840, extremely large windows can be covered by one single chain-operated system
The unique planetary gear with integrated brake ensures a smooth and light operation and the blind stops instantly with no slippage
Patented Silent Gliss Quick Twist permits easy on-site adjustments of the headrail to eliminate rolling off caused by minor fabric problems (only available on systems up to 4m wide)
Adjustable stainless steel bracket set: the vertical adjustment facility allows the fabric to be easily aligned with the window frame or the system with the ceiling on-site using a screwdriver only
Pre-fitted hook-on stainless steel plates take the weight of the blind during final positioning of the brackets. These are each laterally adjustable by up to 18mm
The blind is then conveniently fitted from below (especially important in a blind box situation)
With the above refinements the fitting and fine-tuning of these substantial blinds is reduced to a minimum and perfect results are guaranteed
Metal bead chain
Automatic end stop
Optional side-guide wires with easy fitting and tensioning
Bracket covers for neater appearance outside recess
For systems over 4m wide a 110mm diameter tube is used to minimise bowing (profile 4957)