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Roller Blind 4820 Chain operated (40mm diameter roller) Discontinued system - parts

UPDATE Saturday 30th May 2020

We are open as normal but there will be some delays on supply goods.

Goods which are most parts will be sent out by 1st post will generally be sent out same day if not next day.
Complete curtain track systems and lengths of rails will be dispatched within 5 working days or maybe quicker, once dispatched these should be delivered within 2 working days. The exception to this are the 6140M, 6150M, 6160M, 3970, 5600 colours, 6293, 6970 and all recess systems apart from 6243, all Blind systems, Panel Glide, which are currently only manufactured at Silent Gliss head office are taking 3 - 4 weeks approximate.

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This product is discontinued

Product Information
Unique triple spring clutch mechanism allows heavier fabric with precise and balanced control within a compact headrail
The new 40mm tube enables the 4820 roller blind system to cover larger widths than 4810 and is recommended for screens and thick fabrics where optimum balance is required. Ideal for domestic and contract applications
Optional side-by-side systems with centre support bracket and minimum light gap
Double system option allows two blinds to be mounted in parallel on the same set of brackets - ideal when sheer and dim-out shading is required at same window
Additional slave spring version for very heavy fabrics (will be automatically supplied where required at no extra cost)
Metal bead chain
Aluminium bottom bar in white as standard. Options: silver or black
Easy front loading and removal of the blind
Easy wall, ceiling or recess fixing
Optional cassette
Bracket covers for neater appearance outside recess
Optional coordinated metal brackets, bottom bar, endcaps and headrail which enhance the design of each roller blind system

Product Code: 0661
Side Guide wire (per metre) NYLON..
Ex Tax:£1.13
Product Code: 0866
Pin Assembly for 4810 Springs..


Product Code: 2048
Bead chain white (per metre) (minuim Quanity 2 metres) To join chain use part 4311 Chrome connecto..
Ex Tax:£3.31
Product Code: 3033
Clamp (each)..
Ex Tax:£2.72
Product Code: 3033-10
Clamp (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£24.48
Product Code: 4221
Bottom weight bar, white, silver or black (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£19.73
Product Code: 4226
Standard adhesive tape, 30mm (price per metre)..
Ex Tax:£5.70
Product Code: 4311
Bead Chain connector for system 4810 & 4820 NOTE: For use with 2048 Plastic Chain only..


Product Code: 4802
Continuous headrail (price per metre)..
Product Code: 4803
Bracket 36mm in Silver only..
Product Code: 4807
Intermediate bracket cover 36mm..


Product Code: 4808
Intermediate bracket cover 46mm, (for 4810 system) white..


Product Code: 4809
Top Bracket cover, (for 4810 system) white..
Product Code: 4810BS
1 pair Brackets.  Available  standard in white and special order in Silver or Black Th..
Product Code: 4845
Metal bead chain, Chrome (price per metre) (See part 4845BZ for brass) Requires part 2865 to join..
Ex Tax:£4.74
Product Code: 4857
NOTE: Has been replaced by part 4597 see related product tab above...


Product Code: 4858
Winder for System 4810..


Product Code: 4967
Double Roller Blind Bracket, Left (small systems)..


Product Code: 10043
Metal Cover for weight Bar Cap..
Product Code: 10380
Metal Bracket, ceiling , left and right (46mm)..
Product Code: 10381
Metal Bracket, ceiling, right (46mm)..
Product Code: 10382
Metal Bracket, ceiling, left (46mm)..
Product Code: 10383
Metal Bracket, wall, right (46mm)..
Product Code: 10384
Metal Bracket, wall, left (46mm)..
Product Code: 10385
Metal Bracket, wall, left (46mm)..
Product Code: 10386
Metal Bracket, wall, right (46mm)..
Product Code: 10731 (10400) (0998)
Safety Cord Retainer (Was part no 0998)..
Ex Tax:£1.13
Product Code: 21601
Rear Cassette Cover (Per Metre)..
Product Code: 21611
Front Cassette Cover (Per Metre)..
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