Roller Blind 4870 Electric operated (55mm diameter roller) system - parts

Roller Blind 4870 Electric operated (55mm diameter roller) system - parts

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Product Information
Medium/medium-heavy duty motorised roller blind system, ideal for contract applications
Connected systems can be mounted using an intermediate snap-in bracket for easy fitting from below. Systems are operated simultaneously with one motor
Adjustable stainless steel bracket set: the vertical adjustment device enables the fabric to be easily aligned with the window frame or the system with the ceiling on-site using a screwdriver only
Pre-fitted hook-in stainless steel plates take the weight of the blind whilst the fitters carry out final positioning of the brackets. The latter are each adjustable sideways by up to 15mm
The system can be covered with an optional fascia profile
Electronic endstop
Fixed switch or radio control operation
Aluminium bottom bar, white as standard with the option of silver
Optional side-guide wires with easy fitting and tensioning
Bracket covers for neater apearance outside recess
Double system option allows two blinds to be mounted in parallel on the same set of brackets - ideal when sheer and dim-out shading is required at same window
Can be combined with Radio Remote Control System Silent Gliss 9940/0450

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Roman, Roller and Dimout blinds limit setting lead ..
£68.14 Ex Tax: £56.78
Product code changed from 3035 to 3066 (January 2018). ..
£10.50 Ex Tax: £8.75
Plastic bracket cover for brackets 3134, 3135, 3136, 3134/2, 3135/2, 3136/2. ..
£3.14 Ex Tax: £2.62
NOTE: All L shaped brackets are being discontinued in 2018 and are being replaced by a range of..
£4.45 Ex Tax: £3.71
Plastic strip with adhesive 12mm (price per metre)..
£4.06 Ex Tax: £3.38
Standard adhesive tape, 30mm (price per metre) ..
£6.64 Ex Tax: £5.53
Motor Torque: 3Nm Voltage: 230V Frequency:50Hz Power: 80W Current:0.40A  Speed: 30rpm Ther..


Up top 6 metre lengths ..
£45.40 Ex Tax: £37.83
Adaptor 55mm..
£8.48 Ex Tax: £7.07
Bracket (100mm) ..
£13.26 Ex Tax: £11.05
Connection bracket double system (100mm wall fixing) ..
£13.26 Ex Tax: £11.05
Connection bracket double system (100mm ceiling fixing) ..
£13.26 Ex Tax: £11.05
Top bracket cover ..
£8.27 Ex Tax: £6.89
Sliding Plate..
£7.93 Ex Tax: £6.61
£20.83 Ex Tax: £17.36
Connecting Flange..
£10.66 Ex Tax: £8.88
Hook in plate ..
£12.19 Ex Tax: £10.16
Connection Adaptor..
£25.14 Ex Tax: £20.95
Tube Adaptor 55mm..
£17.24 Ex Tax: £14.37
Motor Flange..
£26.20 Ex Tax: £21.83
Bottom bar endcover set ..
£5.57 Ex Tax: £4.64
Wire rope (1.5mm )  (per metre) ..
£1.74 Ex Tax: £1.45
Klick Plug, white ..
£23.51 Ex Tax: £19.59
Klick Socket, white ..
£35.04 Ex Tax: £29.20
Product code changed from 0766 to 9916 (January 2018). This part is made up from parts 0544 and 0..
£77.20 Ex Tax: £64.33
Product code changed from 0570 to 9953 (January 2018). ..
£231.56 Ex Tax: £192.97
For use with 0450 control systems. Motor Length: 545mm Voltage: 230V AC Torque: 3Nm Speed: 30r..
£470.65 Ex Tax: £392.21
For use with 9940 control systems. Voltage: 230V AC Frequency of Receiver of Motors 10..
£648.46 Ex Tax: £540.38