Roller Blind 4800 Spring operated (32mm diameter roller) Discontinued system - parts

Roller Blind 4800 Spring operated (32mm diameter roller) Discontinued system - parts

This product has been changed to the 4900N system

For 4900N Sparres and Parts "CLICK HERE"

Product Information
A unique patented decelerator mechanism ensures the smooth, controlled ascent of even our largest roller blinds, creating a silent, maintenance free, high quality roller blind.
The multi-position rotary clutch enables the blind to be pulled down to stop at exactly the required position every time
Stiffened fabrics are no longer necessary - soft fabrics may be used
Pull ball operation or grip set
The stop controller mechanism halts the blind at any given position - ideal for very tall windows or contracts where all blinds must be at the same level from the outside
Easy wall or ceiling fixing with a variety of methods
Aluminium bottom bar in silver, white (standard) and black
Supplied ready assembled, made to measure with fabric
Smart bracket covers for outside recess fixing
Double system option allows two blinds to be mounted in parallel on the same set of brackets
Optional cassette
Optional coordinated metal brackets, bottom bar, endcaps and headrail which enhance the design of each roller blind system.

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Stop controller set In Stock
Stop controller set containing 4868, 4377 ..
£59.23 Ex Tax: £49.36
Clamp (each) ..
£3.08 Ex Tax: £2.57
Clamp (Pack of 10) ..
£27.70 Ex Tax: £23.08
Spring clutch set, A In Stock
Spring clutch set, A ..
£54.48 Ex Tax: £45.40
Spring clutch set, B ..
£57.90 Ex Tax: £48.25
Spring clutch set, C..
£68.27 Ex Tax: £56.89
Spring clutch set, D..
£75.37 Ex Tax: £62.81
Spring clutch set, E..
£102.07 Ex Tax: £85.06
Spring clutch set, F..
£112.43 Ex Tax: £93.69
Bottom weight bar, white, silver or black (price per metre) ..
£22.32 Ex Tax: £18.60
Plastic strip with adhesive 12mm (price per metre)..
£3.94 Ex Tax: £3.28
Standard adhesive tape, 30mm (price per metre) ..
£6.44 Ex Tax: £5.37
Speed controller In Stock
Speed controller..
£115.67 Ex Tax: £96.39
Pelmet system (including brackets 4334)(price per meter) ..
Weight bar caps, black or grey ..
£1.06 Ex Tax: £0.88
Pull ball set In Stock
Pull ball set, white or black ..
£4.48 Ex Tax: £3.73
Pull grip set In Stock
Pull grip set in white ..
£10.66 Ex Tax: £8.88
Bracket set In Stock
Bracket set containing2 x 4804 Brakets 46mm 1 x 4867 Pin End Plate 1 x 4868 Lock 2..
£35.42 Ex Tax: £29.52
Bracket 46mm In Stock
Bracket 46mm ..
£4.10 Ex Tax: £3.42
Bracket cover 46mm In Stock
Bracket cover ..
£3.12 Ex Tax: £2.60
Intermediate bracket cover 46mm, (for 4810 system) white ..


Pin End Plate In Stock
Pin End Plate ..
£1.54 Ex Tax: £1.28
Double Roller Blind Bracket, Right (small systems) ..
£16.60 Ex Tax: £13.83