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Hand Operated 6465 system - Parts (New May 2019)

New system May 2019​

For 6465 Complete systems "CLICK HERE" 

Product Information
Operation; hand drawn
Fitting: ceiling, wall, recess
Range: medium profile
Colours: white
Shape: square
2C glider technology
​Wave compatible
Snake Wave option (max 4.7m)
Can be bent including recess profile, (Factory only)

Product Code: 1148C
Counter sunk screw No.8, 31mm, 1 1/4"..
Ex Tax:£0.22
Product Code: 1148C-100
Counter sunk screw No.8, 31mm, 1 1/4"..
Ex Tax:£18.80
Product Code: 3599-25
2 Prong Hook (pack quantity 25)..
Ex Tax:£5.41
Product Code: 3599-100
2 Prong Hook (Box 100)..
Ex Tax:£16.45
Product Code: 6065
Twist eye endstop (Each)..
Ex Tax:£1.15
Product Code: 6065-10
Twist eye endstop (Pack Quantity 10)..
Ex Tax:£10.59
Product Code: 6065-100
Twist eye endstop (Box 100)..
Ex Tax:£97.40
Product Code: 6364
Extension Arm (Each ) (for use with 6365)..
Ex Tax:£4.82
Product Code: 6364-10
Extension Arm (Pack of 10)  (for use with 6365)..
Ex Tax:£43.40
Product Code: 6365
Hanger (Each)  for use with 6364..
Ex Tax:£4.02
Product Code: 6365-10
Hanger (Pack of 10)  for use with 6364..
Ex Tax:£36.18
Product Code: 6366
Carrier for Draw Rod (Each)..
Ex Tax:£7.61
Product Code: 6366-10
Carrier for Draw Rod (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:£68.53
Product Code: 6466
Ex Tax:£20.08
Product Code: 6471
Ex Tax:£1.37
Product Code: 10075
Diameter 4mm..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Product Code: 10076
Fabric weight for side of curtain in white or S/Steel (10cm piece)..
Ex Tax:£8.62
Product Code: 10430W
White draw rod 50cm..
Ex Tax:£10.14
Product Code: 10430AL
Aluminuim draw rod 50cm..
Ex Tax:£9.35
Product Code: 10431AL
Aluminuim draw rod 75cm..
Ex Tax:£10.88
Product Code: 10431W
White draw rod 75cm..
Ex Tax:£12.14
Product Code: 10432W
White draw rod 100cm..
Ex Tax:£13.86
Product Code: 10432AL
Aluminuim draw rod 100cm..
Ex Tax:£12.33
Product Code: 10433W
White draw rod 125cm..
Ex Tax:£15.21
Product Code: 10433AL
Aluminuim draw rod 125cm..
Ex Tax:£13.43
Product Code: 10434W
White draw rod 150cm..
Ex Tax:£16.42
Product Code: 10434AL
Aluminuim draw rod 150cm..
Ex Tax:£14.42
Product Code: 11301
Ex Tax:£0.44
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