5100 Autoglide systems

5100 Autoglide systems

Silent Gliss 5100 Autoglide Curtain Track Systems


For 5100 Autoglide spares and accessories "CLICK HERE"

This system can be used with the Lightwave Home Automation system "CLICK HERE"

Product Information
Electric Curtain Track System Silent Gliss 5100 for light to medium weight curtains.
This system is powered by a precise and silent 100 – 240V AC Motor.
Motors come with integrated radio receiver.
Smooth operation with soft start and stop.
“Touch and Go” offers easy operation.
Equipped with a manual override feature against power failure.
Celling or wall fix.
Suitable for use with Wave curtain heading system.
White only.
No pre-wiring necessary.
Excellent security device when homes are unoccupied.
All controls are wireless.
Minimum bending radius is 30cm. (Factory bent only)

NOTE: It is recommended you hang your curtains under the rail, not covering the rail.